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10 Interesting Facts About The Placenta

As an integral part to help maintain the life of the fetus, the placenta also acts as a shield protecting the fetus. But that is not all.

During pregnancy , the placenta is extremely important. Find out what it does, what problems it can cause, and how the placenta is delivered.

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Interesting Facts About The Placenta

The mothers and fathers let to discover 10 interesting facts about the placenta through the following article with signsymptom.com.

Understanding the Placenta
  1. The placenta is formed from 50% of the mother’s cells and 50% baby’s cells. Typically, the weight of the placenta will equal 1/6 of the total weight of the baby.
  2. A recent study showed that, through the placenta, the fetus may ” send ” a cell embryo carrying its DNA in the mother’s body. Scientists have found the presence of some fetal cells in the blood, bone, skin, kidneys, and liver of some women, who even ended their pregnancy 20 years ago. The experts also said that the cells will help ” cure ” when the mother is not feeling well. Some evidence also suggests these cells help protect the body against some dangerous diseases like breast cancer, Alzheimer’s disease in older people.
  3. Play a mediating role, transmit nutrients from the mother to the fetus, the placenta is indispensable to ensure the development of the fetus.
  4.  As the sole authority for the body used 1 time in the period of pregnancy, and not ” re-use ” again. Generally, about 30-60 minutes after birth, uterine contractions and push all the remaining placenta out of the body. However, there are cases of the retained placenta so entrenched, cling to scarring cause pain, can even endanger the life of the mother.
  5. During pregnancy, the hormonal changes in the body of pregnant mothers will cause more discomfort and fatigue.  Do you know, what is the main culprit causing this is? The placenta is the birthplace of the hormone during pregnancy.
  6. Starting from the moment the ovum be fertilized, the placenta cells are also formed in the mother’s body.
  7. Sounds very horrific and barbaric, but in reality, not just animals eat the placenta after birth, in a few places in the world, many people consider that placenta is a” panacea ” to improve health, nursing skin, and beauty.
  8. The placenta is a special organ, and it shows specific characteristics of each individual. Like the fetus, each placenta will differ in terms of shape, size, location.
  9. Although undertaking” missions ” detoxify, and protect the fetus from the infection , but the placenta is not a ” shield ” 100 % because there are toxic substances can still pervade and harm the fetus. Besides, the placenta does not prevent pathogenic viruses like rubella.
  10. At 40 weeks of pregnancy, if the process of labor has yet to happen, the placenta will appear in a calcified situation that is very dangerous. Pregnant mothers should regularly check for timely handling measures.


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Written by Dr. Ozair (CEO of SignSymptom.com) as physician writers are physicians who write creatively in fields outside their practice of medicine.

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