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15 Factors that your Parents might need Home HealthCare

Parents: These people play a major role in every Indian household. Parents are to be considered as the main base for the Indian people according to the tradition. When an older person does need some help, it tends to be close family members — assuming the person has a family — that step in spouses, adult children, siblings, nephews or nieces, grandchildren, and so forth. In fact, family members are by far the number one source of “long-term care supports and services” for older adults.

Home Care Assistance believes in the inherent dignity and worth of each individual. As your family member ages, consider their safety, security, and well-being.

Have a conversation early about your concerns and the possibility of home care to address those concerns. Don’t wait until a crisis or emergency occurs.

We are here to help and answer any questions you have about our team of caregivers and how to get the process started.

There were certain symptoms that should be noted and taken care of:

1) Alzheimer’s:

A basic and strange disease that is regularly seen in the case of aged parents.  Alzheimer’s is a condition that is almost related to memory loss; symbolically they might miss social events, important dates, and a lot more.

2) Miss of medication:

This usually happens in every parent that is under medication regarding their health issues including Blood Pressure, Diabetes , and all common diseases which occur after aging. In that case, many parents usually forget medication due to weak memory.

3) Extreme change in weight:

If you ever notice your parent is gaining or losing weight at a stretch, consider it as serious. Sudden loss or gain might lead due to a lack of proper health.  It might also be because they have trouble feeding self, or eating extra amounts thinking that they forgot to eat food.

4) Difficulty to stand own:

If you notice that they are having a problem with standing on their own feet, it’s time to pop in for help. Their knees might get weak due to aging and are silently requesting help. While this may seem like a small symptom that may lead to arthritis too. Remember that if they’re opting for help, it’s time to provide basic home care assistance.

5) Bruises/wounds on the body:

If the wounds are taking more time to heal than normal, assure that they’re in need of some internal help. Although parents might leave them as nothing, you hold a right of monitoring them for these, as it is considered a basic segment of having them from cuts or bruises.

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6) Loss of personal Hygiene:

Poor hygiene might result in many kinds of infection or sickness that may lead to many dangerous diseases. So if you spot your mom maintaining home untidy or lack of sanitization, which means it is taking place due to forgetfulness. In that while helping her with some personal caretaker or a home nurse.

7) Wandering:

If your parent has begun walking in and out or forgot where have they gone. It is prescribed to set them under basic home healthcare assistance as it is mandatory at that point to keep them under observation.

8) Loneliness:

Loneliness is a dangerous thing. If they begin to be alone or are lonely apart, kindly make them normal as it might lead to many allegations.

9) Frequent falls:

Frequent falls are a sign of weakness that is happening internally among your aged parents. Elders need to be taken care of, these issues happen when a simple fall might result in the worst results such as fractures, injuries, or might be broken arms. This might be a sign that they’re losing physical balance on their own.

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10) Emergencies:

Emergencies are the main red flags that are to be noticed when you have an aged parent at home. These may also include – fire emergencies, sudden sickness, etc. Even calls more often might also be the best sign to notice that they need help.  Our Janavaidya team has started a campaign to call doctors home in case of emergencies .

11) Loss of physical Strength:

Unknowingly your parent may need help that needs to be noticed immediately. He / She might feel weak all of a sudden which results in unbalancing notes of maintaining their own strength.

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12) A Cluttered home:

A cluttered home is a clear sign that they are in a weak note of memory.  If you notice clutter piling up, especially bills, it’s time to help them with their maintenance to keep it neat, clean, and tidy. This can have a significant impact on both mental and physical health.

13) Confusion:

Unexplained confusion among our parents is a significant sign that they might seek our help in an unexplained manner. They get confused about every minor thing once they get age. Hence they get confused with the utility bills, maintenance, power supply bills, and every minor thing they’re supposed to.

14) Depression:

Depression is the main factor that every human being suffers no matter what the age factor is. These days even teenagers are struggling through this phase. But it takes a huge turn in the case of elders.

These days children are staying far away from parents due to several reasons and parents are passing through this phase all alone in a state where they want to survive alone thinking about their children that they might turn up a day to see them or to stay with them in that old age.

And that’s what we people have to open our eyes to by staying next to them as a supportive wall in helping them to stay firm and happy.

15) Self-neglect:

Self-neglect describes situations in which older people put themselves at high risk. People who neglect themselves may have a disorder that impairs their judgment or memory. They may have a chronic disease.

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Let’s generalize the topic now:

HOW DO WE FIND A NURSING HOME? If the decision is made that your parent needs the intensive care found in a nursing home, you could talk with his or her doctor or a social worker about which facilities would be appropriate. Once you have the names of several places, the primary caregiver could visit them and meet with staff there.


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