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Do you know what bad foods for teeth can even damage the teeth? complete 4 list of foods that cause tooth decay to avoid the following foods to maintain your dental health. You may often replace your child’s candy consumption that apple is not the best foods for dental health. But according to King’s College London Dental Institute, apples are not much healthier than candy when viewed from dental health. The dangers of apples on the teeth are four times bigger than soft drinks. Other than apples, there are also other foods that can destroy your teeth. Care for your teeth and avoid Bad Foods For Teeth as long as you can apple Instead of Brushing Teeth.

4 Bad Foods For Teeth

1. Apples

Is Biting Into an Apple Bad For Your Teeth?

You may not believe that apples are bad foods for teeth, but it is true. Scientists have estimated that there are several types of apples that contain four teaspoons of sugar which can increase the acidity of the mouth. However, negative apple benefits also have calcium that capable to neutralize acid and strengthens bone tissue, including teeth.

According to David Bartlett, Head of the Department of Prosthodontics at King’s College, the problem is not on what to eat, but how we eat it. When someone eating an apple slowly, high acid levels in the apple has a lot of time to damage the teeth.

This has been concluded based on a study of 1000 people aged 18 to 30 years. The researchers are very interested in the relationship between what is consumed by the respondent and the problem on the enamel and dentin. They found that respondents who liked apples have a 3.7 times higher risk of tooth decay. Moreover, Brush Teeth after Eating Apple you can feel that your teeth haven’t tooth-friendly Foods.

2. Drinks that damage your teeth

Wine, beer, and fruit juices are also bad foods for teeth. The provide four times higher risk of tooth decay when consumed regularly. However, fruit juice is still the healthiest drink. So, you can use the straw when drinking your juice and pick fresh fruit juice without added sugar.

3. Cereal bars

Why cereal bars are also included in bad foods for teeth? Apparently cereal bars contain sugar in large amount.

5. Chewing gum

This is still a matter of controversy whether chewing gums are bad foods for teeth. There are dentists who say chewing gum is good for teeth, some are saying it is dangerous. But, according to Dr. Junket of Boston University, some sugar-free gum, especially those with fruit flavors, contains fairly high acid levels. This acid will affect the tooth enamel and increase the risk of teeth damage.

Chewing gum is Bad Foods For Teeth

However, other studies have shown that chewing gum after a big meal, and after snacking, can reduce 40 percent the risk of tooth decay. Chewing gum is very effective when chewed for 20 minutes after eating when the acid in the mouth is very active.


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4 Bad Foods For Teeth

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