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A few facts about bladder cancer you need to know

Bladder cancer is a type of cancer that begins in the bladder, usually in the cells of the bladder. Whether you have this condition or are just looking for information about it, the following article will be of help. It will discuss many aspects of this disease .

There are many kinds of bladder cancer, but two are most common. Transitional cell carcinoma, the most common kind, is found in the cells of your bladder’s inner line. Squamous cell carcinoma forms when the bladder has become irritated or infected. Both of these types of bladder cancer be easily cured when found in their early stages.

Doctors are unclear about what exactly causes bladder cancer. But, many factors have been known to increase one’s chances of developing it including smoking, parasitic infection , and exposure to chemicals and radiation. In order to prevent yourself from getting bladder cancer, try to stay away from these factors.

Though bladder cancer may have some symptoms similar to other issues, there are some tell-tale signs. These include blood in urine, frequent and painful urination, and pain in the back and pelvis. If you find yourself having these issues, you should go to your doctor right away. He or she could run a number of tests on you to figure out if you have this kind of cancer, including a cystoscopy, biopsy, urine cytology and imaging tests.

If it is found that you indeed have bladder cancer, your treatment depends on how advanced it is. If the cancer has not spread to the inside of the bladder’s walls, your doctor may perform surgery to remove the tumor and a small part of your bladder surrounding the area. The reason they would remove a bit of the bladder is to be sure cancerous cells have not spread to the area. If the cancer has spread the deepest layers of the bladder, more invasive surgery may need to be performed. The surgeon may have to remove your whole bladder and find another way for the urine to leave your body. He or she may also send you for radiation or chemotherapy.

Sadly, bladder cancer does affect millions of people each year. No matter what your situation, you have just been given bladder cancer information to better help you understand this disease. With this new knowledge you have, you have a better chance of preventing or beating it.


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