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Aware of Women’s Health and Wellness


This article is specialize for Women’s Health. Conclusion: I was born just as World War II broke out, on the 9th of September 1969. Antibiotics were unknown and ether was used as a crude anesthetic (how far we have come since then!!)
As a child I loved physical games. I played Basket Ball, Hockey, Soccer and tennis. I loved horse riding. One day, playing tennis I took a swipe at a ball with my racket, missed the ball and collected my two front teeth and knocked them out. A teacher pushed them back into my gums, but the damage had been done and slowly the teeth colored until they were nearly black. Root canals were the order of the day, the nerves were removed and the teeth colored white.

Another afternoon playing Basket Ball, I fell and broke my ankle. It was plastered. The plaster was taken off after the six week period and I remember limping home from the doctor’s surgery with one leg feeling very light and the other exceedingly heavy.


I met and married my fist husband while I was teaching in a country school. He was a farmer of 3 generations in the Mid North of South Australia, Australia, the driest state in the driest continent on earth. I kept teaching for a while as farm income was not the best, until the birth of my first baby.

Women’s Health Problems Begin:

Women’s Health and Wellness support

One day with a clear blue sky, the sun sparkling off the red sand showing amongst the small green shoots of the new wheat and barely crops. I was standing outside the backdoor watching the plane. It flew overhead as it sprayed the crops using DDT. As we know it today a highly volatile and banned substance. However, it was fascinating watching the pilot cut the spray on and off as he cruised the paddocks, until on one run over the house, he didn’t switch off and I collected a huge dose of the poison, as did my garden which was completely demolished.

My immune system not strong at the best of times was as demolished as my garden. It was only a few months later that I began to feel unwell. Not ill, just unwell. This episode in my life led me on a search forWomen’s Wellness “.

Seeking a cure I traveled every path available, from mainstream medicine to the spiritual, and to alternative therapies. Eventually I diagnose with Post Viral Fatigue Syndrome or “M. E.” as it is now commonly know. I was completely allergic to plastics, to perfumes, to sprays of any kind, to detergents, indeed to anything that was not completely natural product.

Like so many others diagnose with this immune deficiency breakdown, I was made feel guilty for my illness. To get better and allow my immune system to re build, I had to retreat from society. I was determined not to do that.

Out I went wearing a mask. I had air purifiers in my home, in my car and in my classroom. I often reacted. I went to bed feeling as though someone had battered all my bones and slept and slept and slept. However I had begun my journey to “Women’s Health and Wellness””.

Women’s Health in the Middle Years:

The middle years of a woman’s life should be her best years. These are the years when her sexuality is high, when she is looking her best, when she has the most energy and zest for life, when any obstacle can be overcome with sheer woman power, and when the world is her oyster and her confidence complete.

I had none of this!!!

In my search to get well, I find a dentist who was interest in alternative therapies…..remember my two front teeth?? He X-ray my mouth and pointed to various parts of my gums where there were infections. First thing to do was to remove my two front teeth!! He went ahead. As the dental surgeon work on my gums, and replac my amalgam fillings with non reactive plastic fillings, I was also working with a German Natural Therapist. He used huge amounts of vitamin and mineral supplements in an attempt to shock start my immune system which had now completely broken down.

Slowly, I was starting to feel better. Just as I thought I had it licked, remember the broken ankle?? Suddenly the lining if that ankle flare up and start to grow in my ankle in places it has no right to be, the ankle start to swell and intense pain result. Three operations followed one after the other. I consulted another surgeon, and after two more operations, each one depleting my renewing immune system…I was almost pain free.

The Later Years:

I had remarried; I had studied Natural Therapies gaining qualifications in those faculties. Today, I am still taking regular amounts of vitamin and mineral supplements and am still traveling on my path of “Women’s Health and Wellness”.

Today Women’s Health:

I am working as a volunteer at one of the large public hospitals in Adelaide. Here I see the whole variety of life, from small babies in trouble to the very old, ill, frail and dying. I have learnt that age is no barrier to the enjoyment of life, but that illness and pain definitely are.

Aware of Women’s Health and Wellness latest

I know that nutritional inadequacies in nursing aged care facilities can lead to adverse affects onall the major organs of the body and can contribute to the deterioration of mental faculties as well as physical well being. The elderly have special needs for vitamin and mineral supplements.

Women and men have different dietary supplementary needs even as they grow into older age. There are some wonderful vitamin and mineral supplements that have been especially manufactured for both sexes.


I am now in my mid sixties and my enjoyment of life is higher than it has ever been.

OK, I can no longer run (with my pinned ankle) but who really wants too? I can no longer jump out of bed early in the morning after a late night out; my makeup takes a little longer to do (to get that ‘natural” look!!) My hair may need a little assistance to stay blonde and I definitely can’t work for eight hours in our vineyard. But, I am traveling the path of “Women’s Health and Wellness” and I hope you have enjoyed my journey as I have.

More About Women’s Health:

If you want to read more, stay around for next time when I will tell you about some of the experiences I had when living in the Australian Bush. I lived on a Sheep Station that was 14000 square miles in size ran 28,000 sheep and was 600 miles from our main city in our state. To receive an email notice of further installments of “My Journey,” please fill in your name and email address in the form below.


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Written by Dr. Ozair (CEO of SignSymptom.com) as physician writers are physicians who write creatively in fields outside their practice of medicine.

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