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Can a Herniated Disc Heal After 2 Years?

Can a Herniated Disc Heal After 2 Years? 90% of people don’t have any idea about herniated discs. They don’t know about the disease or the symptoms. So here we are giving you a brief description of the whole problem and how to get rid of it.

When you take birth, your spinal discs contain around 80% of water content. With growing age, the discs start losing water. With water, your spine becomes more flexible, and without it becomes rigid. That leads to Herniated Disc Syndrome.

Up to 90% of people with pain from a herniated disc get better on their own or with simple medical treatment. Most likely, you’ll feel better in a month. If you don’t feel well, you should see a doctor or nurse. Some patients need more extreme medical care, like surgery or injections in the spine.

A human spine is made of 26 bones that are called Vertebrae. 23 of them are soft discs that help the spine to keep in place. Water content between those soft discs makes the spine flexible. In Herniated Discs some rubbery discs take place between the vertebrae and the stack.

It usually happens in the lower back area. It can make your spine stiff and can cause knee pain or weakness in your arm or leg.

The symptoms of herniated discs increase over time. But it is curable by medicines and exercises.

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Symptoms of the herniated disease

Initially, the symptoms grow in the lower back area. But it also can happen in the neck. The place of the symptoms depends on whether the disc is pressing a nerve or not. It only attacks one side of the body. So if you are having pain in a specific side of your body, please contact your doctor.

Now, some specific symptoms From which you can diagnose it.

  • Pain in the Arm or Leg

As told before, Herniated Disc can attack you in two positions.  one is the lower back, the other is the neck. So if your herniated disc takes place in the lower back, you will feel pain in the thigh, buttock, and sometimes in the foot.

For the neck area, you will feel pain in your arm or shoulder. Please understand that you will not feel pain until you are sneezing or coughing or doing something heavily energetic. This is also like a burning. The pain will feel sharp.

  • Numbness:

One part of your body will be numb during the pain. Or sometimes in a higher stage, it can affect all of your nerves to make your one side fully numb.

  • Weakness

As the nerves will be affected by the herniated disc disease, you will feel weak in your arm or legs. You will lose your power to lift, carry or even hold something.

Sometimes herniated discs don’t have any symptoms. Or sometimes it is misjudged as a nerve problem or spondylitis.

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Reasons for having a herniated disc

Some factors increase the chances to get a herniated disc.

1. Body Weight

Fat people go through a herniated disc more than thin people. The excess body weight gives extra pressure on the lower back.so it increases the chances.

2. Field Jobs

People who have filed jobs like civil jobs or mechanical jobs catch a Chance to get a herniated lifting. Moving something heavy, pushing can be very risky.

3. Genetics

People who have herniated disc syndrome in their genes get a higher chance. If your father gets the symptoms, please be careful and consult a doctor as soon as possible.

4. Heavy smoking

Smoking decreases the oxygen supply in the discs. It can break the discs easily.

5. Driving

Sitting in a place for a long time can make you a patient with herniated discs.

Not only driving, an office job, or working from home also can make you sick.


Herniated Disc can be treated by some natural treatment. It is quite common for today’s people and also very easy to get rid of. So here’s the list.

1. Regular Exercise

Exercising regularly can help you to prevent herniated discs. Make sure you exercise at least 1 hour per day.

2. Yoga

Yoga is a remedy for every disorder nowadays. Practising perfect posture can help you to reduce herniated discs.

3. Good postures

Walk and sit straight. Try to sleep without bending. Make your back comfortable and aligned. Make straight efforts while lifting something.

4. Balance Weight

If you are overweight, try to lose it. If you are too thin, try to gain some weight. Both give pressure on the spine. Have a healthy diet and maintain a proper weight. It will not only reduce your chance to get a herniated disc, but it will also give you a healthy lifestyle

5. Stop smoking

Smoking decreases the oxygen supply in the discs. Quit tobacco products if you want to stand straight for a long time.

Can Herniated Disc Heal After 2 years

Herniated discs are quite common for people who do an office job or a field job and take a risk of getting a herniated disc. They don’t get time to exercise. Smoking is also very common for those people. So they get herniated discs very easily.

But luckily, Herniated Disc goes on its own after six months of treatments. Sometimes the treatment is also not necessary. Just by doing some exercises or maintaining a healthy weight, you can get rid of a herniated disc. Yoga is also a very useful way to prevent herniated discs.

If you had surgery,70% of people don’t feel any symptoms after 2 years. The other 30% can reduce it just by doing some light exercise.

Doctors also suggest you control your movement and will prescribe you some medicines. The herniated disc goes away after that in m of caste es. If not, doctors suggest you do some physiotherapy or surgery. In very rare cases, the symptom doesn’t go away after all that. You will have difficulty moving this time. It is the last stage, where your spine gets compressed by the herniated disc.

Yes, it is really common to get. And easily you can get rid of it. But that doesn’t mean you take it for granted. The burning pain of herniated discs can make you numb for some seconds. So make sure you consult a doctor as soon as you get the symptoms.


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