Clinical Issue

Clinical Issue is the section covers the number of objects about general disease units. Each disease is defined in terms of its Pathogens, sign, symptoms and incidence.

Care of a Mechanically Ventilated Unconscious Patient

Care of a Mechanically Ventilated Unconscious PatientThe unconscious patient is a very special patient. Requires to spend a lot of time on it. The...

Supply of Infusion Fluids

Transfusion of infusion fluids is one of the basic therapies used in the hospital. The nurse has its share because as a person performing...

Nursing Diagnosis for Sepsis

 Nursing Diagnosis for Sepsis:Sepsis is one of the main causes of death in patients in hospitals around the world. Severe sepsis only in...

How to care for a, Hemodialysis patients?

Hemodialysis is an extracorporeal dialysis method in Hemodialysis patients, with chronic renal failure. It allows you to remove protein and mineral catabolism products and...

Caring for Patient After Kidney Transplantation OP

Caring for patient after kidney transplantation OP is to educate the patient, select optimal and individualized Immunosuppressive treatment, prevent complications, detect them early, and...
Typical Surgeon Schedule operationsTypical Surgeon Schedule operations

Typical Surgeon Schedule & Emergency Operation

Typical Surgeon Schedule & Emergency Operation are those for which the patient has not been previously prepared and often enters the operating room directly...

What Happens During Surgery Prep

Preparing the Patient for Surgery: What Happens During Surgery Prep during Preparing the patient for surgery The upcoming surgery is a stressful event for the...

Types of Sutures

The basic tools uses for Surgical sewing are: vices, surgical tweezers, scissors and peanuts for most Types of Sutures. The choice of sewing method and...

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