Conditions and Diseases

This section includes to find the sign and symptom about Conditions and Diseases about Specialized Healthcare & Medical Education treatment for resource or extraction support.

Supply of Infusion Fluids

Transfusion of infusion fluids is one of the basic therapies used in the hospital. The nurse has its share because as a person performing a medical order, he not only performs intravenous punctures, but also transfuses infusion fluids and keeps their balance. Fluid infusion is carried out on patients who cannot take them by mouth, …

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How to care for a, Hemodialysis patients?

Hemodialysis is an extracorporeal dialysis method in Hemodialysis patients, with chronic renal failure. It allows you to remove protein and mineral catabolism products and excess water consumed. 3.5 – 5 hours Hemodialysis patients, in which the main mechanism of substance exchange in the dialyses is diffusion occurring through the semi-permeable dialysis membrane, is considered “classical” …

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Caring for Patient After Kidney Transplantation OP

Caring for patient after kidney transplantation OP is to educate the patient, select optimal and individualized Immunosuppressive treatment, prevent complications, detect them early, and treat them when they occur. Immunosuppressive therapy is intended to prevent and treat transplant rejection. The patient must take these medications every day, otherwise he may lose the transplant. Patients usually …

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