Diagnosis & Investigation

Diagnosis & Investigation is the branch of medicine that’s deal the medication, diagnosis disease Treatment and find out the sign and symptom for diagnostic

Coronavirus Disease COVID-19 (2002) Latest

About Coronavirus Disease COVID-19

COVID-19 (Novel Coronavirus-19) About Coronavirus Disease COVID-19 is an strain of coronavirus is an enormous group of infections that had already not been recognized in people. It previously developed in Wuhan, China, in December 2020, and has since been pronounced as an episode by Signsymptom (health affairs blog). In exceptionally uncommon cases, the malady could be …

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Coronavirus, Definition and Symptoms

Coronavirus, Definition and Symptoms

Coronavirus, Definition and Symptoms: A coronavirus, is a type of normal infection that causes contamination in the nose, sinuses, or upper throat. Most coronaviruses are not dangerous. [appear2] However, some types of them are not a joke. Around 858 people have abandoned the Middle East respiratory disorder (MERS), which initially appeared in 2012 in Saudi …

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Osteoporosis Statistics 2020

Osteoporosis Statistics

What is Osteoporosis? It is the progressive loss of bone density. It is often referred to as a silent killer, because usually the condition is undetected until severe fractures start to occur. This silent thief can steal calcium and mineral strength from your bones without you being aware of it. There is no cure or …

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TAP Cancer Out & Cancer Chords

Cancer Chords: The Immune System is a complex network of specialized cells and organs that have evolved to protect the body against foreign invaders. The immune systems primary function is to protect the body against infections and, indeed cancer. Support and enhancement of women’s health and wellness with the immune system is perhaps the most …

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Alzheimer's Signs and Symptoms and treatment

Alzheimer’s Signs Symptoms

Alzheimer’s Today: Management of the disease has progressed a little, although there is still no cure. It is apparent from some studies that vitamin and mineral supplements can sometimes help a little in the early stages of Alzheimer’s Signs Symptoms. It is also a help if people can recognize that they do have the beginning stages of …

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Allergy Meaning, Types and History

Allergy Meaning: The word allergy comes from two Greek words, allos meaning other, and ergon, meaning energy. An allergic reaction is an altered reaction to some outside stimulus. Something that provokes such an altered reaction is called an allergen or Allergy meaning. Another word for such a reaction is sometimes called hypersensitivity. Such a response is …

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Supply of Infusion Fluids

Transfusion of infusion fluids is one of the basic therapies used in the hospital. The nurse has its share because as a person performing a medical order, he not only performs intravenous punctures, but also transfuses infusion fluids and keeps their balance. Fluid infusion is carried out on patients who cannot take them by mouth, …

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How to care for a, Hemodialysis patients?

Hemodialysis is an extracorporeal dialysis method in Hemodialysis patients, with chronic renal failure. It allows you to remove protein and mineral catabolism products and excess water consumed. 3.5 – 5 hours Hemodialysis patients, in which the main mechanism of substance exchange in the dialyses is diffusion occurring through the semi-permeable dialysis membrane, is considered “classical” …

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Caring for Patient After Kidney Transplantation OP

Caring for patient after kidney transplantation OP is to educate the patient, select optimal and individualized Immunosuppressive treatment, prevent complications, detect them early, and treat them when they occur. Immunosuppressive therapy is intended to prevent and treat transplant rejection. The patient must take these medications every day, otherwise he may lose the transplant. Patients usually …

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Typical Surgeon Schedule operationsTypical Surgeon Schedule operations

Typical Surgeon Schedule & Emergency Operation

Typical Surgeon Schedule & Emergency Operation are those for which the patient has not been previously prepared and often enters the operating room directly from the “street”, these are the most stressful situations forboth the patient and family and staff. The risk of complications after such Typical Surgeon Schedule operations, despite the best care and …

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