Operational Health

Operational Health

Operational nursing / Dr. is a field which deals the management of work in operating theater. This section contains articles about the work of the nurse / instrumentalist and the operational Health

Osteoporosis Statistics 2020

Osteoporosis Statistics

What is Osteoporosis? It is the progressive loss of bone density. It is often referred to as a silent killer, because usually the condition is undetected until severe fractures start to occur. This silent thief can steal calcium and mineral strength from your bones without you being aware of it. There is no cure or …

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Perspectives of Nurses in European Countries

A report on the work of Nurses in European Countries trained on domestic markets and those migrating to the “old Europe” countries. The report presents Registered Nurse Forecasting (RN4CAST) research, which aimed to show if there is a difference in the responsibilities and tasks assigned to Nurses in European Countries working in the country of …

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Supply of Infusion Fluids

Transfusion of infusion fluids is one of the basic therapies used in the hospital. The nurse has its share because as a person performing a medical order, he not only performs intravenous punctures, but also transfuses infusion fluids and keeps their balance. Fluid infusion is carried out on patients who cannot take them by mouth, …

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How to care for a, Hemodialysis patients?

Hemodialysis is an extracorporeal dialysis method in Hemodialysis patients, with chronic renal failure. It allows you to remove protein and mineral catabolism products and excess water consumed. 3.5 – 5 hours Hemodialysis patients, in which the main mechanism of substance exchange in the dialyses is diffusion occurring through the semi-permeable dialysis membrane, is considered “classical” …

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Continuous Ambulatory Peritoneal Dialysis

Continuous Ambulatory Peritoneal dialysis is a renal replacement therapy for chronic renal failure, as are hemodialysis and its variants, and kidney transplantation. All the data presented in the following section are from the book “Diagnosis and treatment of kidney diseases – guidelines, recommendations and standards of conduct”. Continuous Ambulatory Peritoneal dialysis (DO) involves the penetration of …

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Types of Sutures

The basic tools uses for Surgical sewing are: vices, surgical tweezers, scissors and peanuts for most Types of Sutures. The choice of sewing method and the material we will use depends on the depth of the wound and the structure that is stitched. First, we look at the types of seams and needles. The needles are …

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Postoperative Wound Dehiscence

The Postoperative Wound Dehiscence arises as a result of tissue disruption during surgery. The wound whose edges are close to each other and is small heals due to rapid growth. The edges of the Postoperative Wound Dehiscence stick together and a thin scar forms, if there are no complications, this is the fastest way to …

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