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Specialised Education Support Service

This section includes Specialised Education Support Service for resource or extraction support. Tests and exam support & Preperations. Health monitoring. Behavior Health management. Classroom amendments.

Natural Thyroid Treatment 2020

Natural Thyroid Treatment [Dr OZ]

Natural Thyroid Treatment: My Journey Back to Health. I was tired, forgetful and totally depressed. So tired in fact, that I looked for bed at...
Instructional Sexual Health and Wellness

Instructional Sexual Health and Wellness

Instructional Sexual Health: Women's Health and Wellness: The creation of a normal balance within the body, and being aware of good sexual health with regard...
Osteoporosis Statistics 2020

Osteoporosis Statistics

What is Osteoporosis? It is the progressive loss of bone density. It is often referred to as a silent killer, because usually the condition is...
The Blood Pressure Solution Reviews 2020 / 2021

The Blood Pressure Solution Reviews

Blood Pressure Solution & Review: Hypertension is the medical term for high-blood-pressure. Many people, even teenagers can suffer from this disease. There are generally no...
Depression Cause Sad and Alone 2020

Recurrent Brief Depression Cause Sad and Alone

Recurrent Brief Depression & Depression Worksheet: Clinical Depression is a serious illness that can affect anybody, including teenagers. It can affect your thoughts, feelings, behavior...

Perspectives of Nurses in European Countries

A report on the work of Nurses in European Countries trained on domestic markets and those migrating to the "old Europe" countries. The report presents...

Nursing Diagnosis for Sepsis

 Nursing Diagnosis for Sepsis:Sepsis is one of the main causes of death in patients in hospitals around the world. Severe sepsis only in...

Continuous Ambulatory Peritoneal Dialysis

Continuous Ambulatory Peritoneal dialysis is a renal replacement therapy for chronic renal failure, as are hemodialysis and its variants, and kidney transplantation. All the...

Caring for Patient After Kidney Transplantation OP

Caring for patient after kidney transplantation OP is to educate the patient, select optimal and individualized Immunosuppressive treatment, prevent complications, detect them early, and...

What Happens During Surgery Prep

Preparing the Patient for Surgery: What Happens During Surgery Prep during Preparing the patient for surgery The upcoming surgery is a stressful event for the...

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