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Facial Hair Restoration: Procedure, Cost, And Its Benefits

Facial hair restoration and beard transplantation are similar things. It refers to the restoration of facial hairs when hair growth is thin and uneven. If you are a male then having no to little a beard could make you feel embarrassed. But that is not your fault actually. Many individuals are suffering from an unusual growth of facial hairs due to genetics and surgical reasons. They often find it challenging to grow beards using lotions, creams, and oils. For those, a surgical beard implant is a rock-solid solution that works amazingly. Thus, you can also undergo a facial hair restoration in Palm Desert to grow a beard naturally with surgical implants. This can benefit you a lot so looking forward to its procedure is quite inspiring.

What does facial hair restoration do?

Every individual has different requirements when it comes to growing beard hairs. You can see men have unique styles and preferences for keeping beards. Some prefer to grow the facial hairs longer and some prefer to keep them short and more aligned. But it is only possible with the adequate growth of hairs on the face. A beard transplant works exactly to restore the natural growth of hairs so that you can keep your style. Although, hair transplant is a familiar term in the cosmetic world. But beard transplant is fairly a new concept in the cosmetic realm. So, taking a closer look at this procedure is quite exciting.

How does facial hair restoration work?

You might be tired of using over-the-counter pills and lotions to grow a beard naturally. Although these products promise to deliver optimum results but the reality is different. So, a surgical beard transplant is the only solution that offers guaranteed results. During this procedure, a hair surgeon will remove your hair from the back of the head. This is called as donor region where healthy hair grafts are available. The hairs are removed using the FUE technique that works with individual hair extraction. Therefore, the hairs will then be implanted in the recipient areas of the face where baldness occurs. The surgeon will target mustaches, chin, and cheeks to fill the face with a naturally-growing beard. Each graft will be placed carefully to make an aligned shape of the beard.

Why you should get a beard transplant?

It is needless to mention that facial hair restoration in Palm Desert will deliver you a significant advantage. It can grow hairs in areas where they have never grown previously. Therefore, this surgical treatment can provide you with the natural growth of facial hairs. With the help of an expert hair surgeon, you can achieve the desired pattern of facial hair. You can seek a hair transplant surgical procedure as per your unique preferences to keep the style of your beard. You can avail yourself of complete facial restoration and can fill bald spots. If you have patchy growth of beard then you can fill those spots with natural beard growth.

Benefits of facial hair restoration

1. Get your ideal beard look

Beards have many styles and designs that can create wonderful looks for men. Therefore, a surgical facial implant can enable you to get your ideal beard looks. You can choose to add more grafts to your existing beard to make it thicker and fuller. The treatment can work on a fully bald face to make it full of hairs that grow naturally. The surgeon will know your preferences and struct the beard as per the requirements.

2. Outpatient procedure

This is a common conviction that undergoing a surgical procedure for a hair transplant is risky. But myths are only believed rumors that people usually listen to from others. Although, a beard transplant is a surgical procedure it is not risky at all. It is usually an outpatient procedure that one can get without any risk. Being a candidate, you can undergo this treatment after local anesthesia. It takes around 5 to 6 hours and you can return to your home. There is no need for an overnight stay inside the hair restoration clinic.

3. Natural and permanent hair growth

After facial hair restoration in Palm Desert, you must be excited to see your new hair right now. But it takes a while to grow new hairs after the procedure. You will see new hair growth after a period of 3 months and it would take a year to see fuller beard growth. The good news is that you will see natural and permanent growth of facial hairs. The hairs once grown will not fall again and you can see your face full of natural-looking hairs. Your own hairs will be implanted in your bald facial spots for delivering optimum results.

Recovery tips after facial hair transplant

Well, getting beard restoration done by an expert surgeon would not pose any complications. But it is still important that you must follow some aftercare tips after a beard transplant. The reason is that it is a surgical treatment that requires care. This helps in completing the recovery process faster and will keep you safe from possible skin irritations and infections.

1. Keep the surgical area neat and clean

This is a crucial segment of surgical implant care that you must not ignore. After getting beard restructuring treatment, you must keep your face and donor site at the scalp clean. This would certainly prevent the risk of any infection . The surgeon would provide you with the beard cleaning instructions to be followed. So, you should follow them as part of the post-operative regimen. It also enables you to bring fruitful results from facial hair restoration in Palm Desert. You should only use a mild shampoo and medicated beard washing gel.

2. Sleep straight

Sleeping is not prohibited after getting a beard implant. But it requires some guidelines to follow for proper recovery. As a precautionary measure, you must not sleep on your side and stomach. It will put a strain on the newly implanted hair follicles on your face. Therefore, you should only sleep straight to avoid any complications. Make sure that your head is elevated so you can use some pillows. Also, do not forget to take antibiotics if prescribed during the recovery period.

To sum up

Achieving natural and permanent facial hair growth is not a challenging task. The only thing is that you must find a skilled surgeon to deliver you with expected results. Facial hair restoration in Palm Desert is rendered by a board-certified hair surgeon. So, you can visit this place to get high-end results. You can make an initial consultation with the surgeon to discuss your unique needs.

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