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In New Hampshire schools, more than 120 COVID-19 clusters have been reported.

NEW HAMPSHIRE, N.H School: The state Department of Health and Human Services said on Wednesday that 51 additional COVID-19 clusters had been identified in K-12 schools.

This takes the total number of clusters to 124.

Since the start of the school year, more than 3,000 classroom infections have been linked to clusters, according to officials. More than 88 percent of the participants were students [01 ].

“We certainly continue to have a high burden of illness and outbreaks in K-12 schools, and we continue to see 25-30 percent of all infections in children and teenagers under the age of 18,” said state epidemiologist Dr. Benjamin Chan.

Since the beginning of the school year, there have been 56 clusters in child care facilities, according to officials.

New Hampshire data:

  • 162,583 persons have been diagnosed with COVID-19.
  • Total test positivity rate (PCR and antigen) after 7 days: 12.4%
  • COVID-19 has been linked to 1,725 fatalities.
  • 7,547 cases are currently active.
  • 153,311 patients have made a full recovery.
  • Hospitalizations currently in progress: 403
  • 55.0 percent of the population of New Hampshire is fully immunised.
  • There are 1,259 B.1.1.7 variant (Alpha) instances.
  • Cases of the B.1.351 variant (Beta): 2
  • There are 203 P.1 variant (Gamma) cases.
  • There are 2,877 B.1.617.2 variation (Delta) instances.
  • Cases of the B.1.1.529 variant (Omicron): 0

Are the results of the University of New Hampshire’s COVID-19 testing included in the SONH COVID-19 Dashboards and press releases?

Because UNH COVID-19 negative test result data is not yet fully integrated into the Public Health systems, testing numbers on these dashboards may not exactly match information presented in the daily press release. UNH and DHHS are working together on an automated procedure for integrating testing data. Existing dashboards will display favorable findings from UNH’s COVID-19 testing until this integration is complete.

How are Cases in Schools Reported?

After DHHS has undertaken a case investigation and the case has been verified positive, cases are listed on the school’s dashboard. If the sick individual lives in New Hampshire and is both linked with a school (including both staff and students) and confirmed to have been physically present on campus, or physically participating in group school activities, the case is added to the schools’ dashboard (e.g., sports).

Only examples from the current school year (starting on or after August 1, 2020) are displayed. Note that this may differ from other school-based reporting, which may include supposed COVID-19 positive cases or people linked with schools who were never physically present on campus or who live out of state.

Why aren’t all stats identical across dashboards and days when the dashboard is viewed?

The state of New Hampshire strives to deliver accurate and timely information as soon as feasible. As a result, there may be situations where information is available in some settings but not in others. For example, in some circumstances, only incomplete demographic information may be accessible at a given moment.

However, as new information becomes available as a result of continuing public health case investigation and outreach, this type of material is constantly updated. When these situations emerge, explanations are offered on the dashboards. Furthermore, data repairs and enhancements may result in the updating of certain previously displayed data with more accurate or full information.


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