Acte Necesare Schimbare Titular Contract Electrica Furnizare


    Change of Ownership of Electrical Supply Contract: Necessary Steps

    If you are the new owner of a property that already has an electricity supply contract, or you are the current owner and want to transfer the ownership of the contract to a new person or entity, there are several steps you need to follow to make sure the process is smooth and legally valid. Here are the necessary acts you need to take to change the titular of an electricity supply contract in Romania.

    1. Verify the documents

    Before you initiate the change of titular, you need to verify that you have all the necessary documents in order. These include:

    – The sale-purchase contract of the property or the notarized gift deed or donation contract, which proves the transfer of the property ownership. If the contract has not been registered yet with the relevant authorities, you should do it first.

    – The identification documents of the current and new titular, such as the national identity card or passport.

    – The electricity supply contract, with all its annexes, signed by the current titular and the supplier (usually Enel or Electrica), which should state the supply point identification number, the power of the installation, the billing period, the tariffs, and the payment terms.

    2. Request the change of titular

    After you have gathered all the necessary documents, you need to fill in a request for the change of titular form, which you can get from the supplier`s website or customer service centers. You should provide your personal data, the supply point identification number, and the reason for the change of titular (either due to the sale or donation of the property or for other reasons).

    3. Submit the request

    Once you have filled in the form, you need to submit it to the supplier, along with the photocopies of the required documents. You can do it either online, by email, or by post, or by going in person to the supplier`s customer service centers. You should receive a confirmation of receipt, which will also state the estimated time for the processing of the request.

    4. Pay the transfer fee

    The change of titular operation involves a fee, which varies depending on the supplier and the type of contract. You should check with the supplier`s tariff list or customer service for the exact amount. You can pay the fee either online, by bank transfer, or at the supplier`s cash desk.

    5. Wait for the confirmation

    After you have submitted the request and paid the fee, you should wait for the supplier to process it and confirm the change of titular. This can take from a few days to several weeks, depending on the workload and the completeness of the documents. Once you receive the confirmation, you should check that the new titular`s name appears correctly on the bill and that the payment terms are the same as before.

    In conclusion, changing the titular of an electricity supply contract in Romania is not a complicated process, but it requires attention to detail and compliance with the legal and administrative requirements. By following the above steps, you can ensure that the transfer of ownership is valid and that you avoid any issues with the supplier or the authorities.