Trade Agreements Rome 2


    Trade Agreements in Rome 2

    Rome 2 is a strategy game set in ancient Rome that allows players to control armies and build empires. One of the key features of the game is trade, which is essential for building a strong economy and expanding your territory. In this article, we will explore the trade agreements in Rome 2 and how they can help players to succeed in the game.

    What are Trade Agreements?

    Trade agreements are a type of diplomacy that allows players to buy and sell goods with other factions in the game. These agreements are made through negotiations with other factions and can be a valuable source of income. The goods that can be traded include resources such as food, wine, and timber, as well as luxury items such as spices and silk.

    How to Make Trade Agreements

    To make a trade agreement, players must first establish contact with another faction in the game. This can be done by sending an emissary or diplomat to their capital city. Once contact has been established, players can negotiate a trade agreement by offering goods in exchange for other goods or gold.

    The success of the negotiations will depend on a number of factors, including the strength of the player`s economy, the strength of the other faction`s economy, and the diplomatic relations between the two factions. If the negotiations are successful, players will be able to trade goods with the other faction and generate income.

    Benefits of Trade Agreements

    Trade agreements can provide a number of benefits to players in Rome 2. They can help to generate income by selling surplus resources, which can be used to fund the player`s army and economy. Trade agreements can also provide access to resources that may not be available in the player`s territory, such as spices and silk.

    In addition to these economic benefits, trade agreements can also help to improve diplomatic relations between factions. This is because trade agreements are seen as a sign of trust and goodwill, and can help to establish alliances and treaties between factions.


    Trade agreements are an important aspect of Rome 2, as they provide players with a valuable source of income and access to resources. By negotiating trade agreements with other factions, players can build a strong economy and expand their empire. Players must understand the factors that influence the success of negotiations, and use their diplomatic skills to establish trust and goodwill with other factions. With careful planning and negotiation, trade agreements can be a powerful tool for success in Rome 2.