Essential Agreements Activities


    Essential Agreements Activities: A Guide to Creating a Productive and Positive Workplace

    Every workplace has rules and expectations that employees are expected to follow. These rules, often called “essential agreements,” are the foundation of a productive and positive workplace culture. When essential agreements are established and adhered to, they create a safe and respectful environment where everyone can work together towards a common goal.

    In this article, we`ll explore the importance of essential agreements in the workplace and provide some activities that can help you create or reinforce essential agreements in your organization.

    What Are Essential Agreements?

    Essential agreements are a set of rules and expectations that everyone in the workplace has agreed to follow. These agreements are designed to promote a positive and productive work environment where everyone feels safe and valued.

    Essential agreements can cover a wide range of topics, such as:

    – Communication: how employees should communicate with each other and with management

    – Confidentiality: rules around sharing sensitive information

    – Respect: how employees should treat each other and customers

    – Time management: expectations around punctuality and meeting deadlines

    – Workplace safety: rules around maintaining a safe working environment

    The specifics of your essential agreements will depend on your organization`s unique needs and culture. However, the key is to create agreements that are clear, concise, and easy to adhere to.

    Why Are Essential Agreements Important?

    Essential agreements are essential because they help to establish a positive workplace culture. When everyone is on the same page about what is expected of them, it creates a sense of unity and purpose. This can lead to better collaboration, increased morale, and improved productivity.

    Additionally, essential agreements can help to prevent conflict and misunderstandings. When everyone knows the rules, there is less room for miscommunication or misunderstandings that could lead to workplace strife. This not only benefits individual employees but can also help to protect the company`s reputation and bottom line.

    Essential Agreements Activities

    Now that you understand the importance of essential agreements, it`s time to create them. Here are some activities that can help you get started:

    1. Brainstorming Session

    Gather a group of employees together and have a brainstorming session around the topic of essential agreements. Start by asking the group what values are important to them in the workplace. From there, you can create a list of essential agreements that everyone can agree on.

    2. Essential Agreements Training

    Create a training session or workshop to educate your employees on the importance of essential agreements. During the training, you can review your existing agreements or work with employees to create new ones. This approach can help set expectations early on and ensure that everyone is on the same page.

    3. Essential Agreements Survey

    Create an anonymous survey to gather feedback from employees on your existing essential agreements. Ask them to rate how well they feel the agreements are being upheld and whether any changes need to be made. Use this feedback to make adjustments to your agreements as needed.

    4. Essential Agreements Game

    Engage your employees in a fun and interactive way by creating a game around essential agreements. For example, you could create a “bingo” style game that includes different workplace scenarios and have employees mark off which essential agreement applies to each situation.

    Final Thoughts

    Essential agreements are essential for creating a productive and positive workplace culture. By taking the time to create and adhere to these agreements, you can help set expectations, prevent conflict, and foster a sense of unity among your employees. Use the activities outlined above to ensure that your essential agreements are clear, concise, and easy to follow.