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Is Diarrhea A Sign Of Pregnancy? (Diarrhea In Early Pregnancy)


Some women think of Diarrhea as A Sign Of Pregnancy primary symptom of pregnancy. It’s true that hormone variations around the time of formation can cause stomach problems and even lead to diarrhea disease . However, breast tenderness, fatigue, and nausea are much more common symptoms of early pregnancy.

While diarrhea isn’t an early sign of pregnancy, it’s possible that you may knowledge about diarrhea or other gastrointestinal issues in your first trimester. Early on in your pregnancy, your body starts going through lots of changes, and these can affect your bowel movements, leading to either hard or loose stools

  • Is diarrhea a sign of pregnancy?

    Is diarrhea a sign of pregnancy is a common question asked by women who suffer from stomach problem during their pregnancy. Of course, there are a lot of symptoms that determine whether you are pregnant or no.

    But diarrhea is quite uncommon to be categorized as a sign of pregnancy. So, here are some hints for you to know whether diarrhea is connected to pregnancy or no.

  • What can cause diarrhea when you are pregnant?

    It is quite common that a pregnant woman will experience diarrhea during her pregnancy. If you put some logic to relate these two, both can be quite related. When you know you are pregnant, sudden changes in your diet and food to ensure your baby’s needed nutrients may cause an upset stomach or diarrhea.

Also, there is a possibility that a pregnant woman suffered from diarrhea because she is sensitive to certain types of foods. Pregnancy can make the food you love into the food that you should avoid because it can cause diarrhea or an upset stomach.

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Hormonal change is also possible to be the culprit behind your diarrhea. The change may cause your digestive process to slow down and may lead to diarrhea. All pregnant women will experience hormonal change, but only some of them, suffer from diarrhea during the early stage of pregnancy. Bacterial or viral infection can be the cause of diarrhea, so always check with the doctor for a clearer result.

There exists out there a thing called third-semester diarrhea

Diarrhea in your third trimester of pregnancy is a common thing and a lot of women experience diarrhea during that time. It can occur just before the labor or a couple of weeks before labor and act as a sign that labor is near.

A premature birth should be expected if you experience diarrhea several weeks before the due date. Diarrhea in your third trimester is not always a sign that labor is near, so you can relax a little bit. Diarrhea could be a way for a woman’s body to be prepared for the upcoming labor. You should check if there are other labor signs or not.

  • Can diarrhea in pregnancy be cured?

    The main point if you suffer from diarrhea is to keep your body hydrated. Drinking a lot of water , juice, and broth to rehydrate your body and replace the lost body fluid is the right thing to do when diarrhea occurred.

    All of those drinks you consume will replace the lost substances such as body fluids, potassium levels, and sodium which are important to keep yourself hydrated.

So, it is obvious that diarrhea and pregnancy are related, but only third-semester diarrhea. You should pay attention if diarrhea occurred at that time because it is a sign that labor is near. If you suffer from diarrhea outside that time, the cause can’t be specified unless you know you are changing your lifestyle in some ways. Those are the answer for is diarrhea a sign of pregnancy?

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  • Diarrhea in Early Pregnancy, Is It Safe?

    Diarrhea in early pregnancy is one of the discomforts that may happen to all pregnant women. In addition, Diarrhea is a condition when there is a problem with digestion caused by bacteria, viruses, hormones, or food.

    Constipation and diarrhea are the common disturbance that may occur during pregnancy as the adaptation of the pregnant body. But, is it okay to have diarrhea in early pregnancy? The young pregnant moms must be too much worry about it.

The Causes of Diarrhea in Early Pregnancy

The woman’s body releases Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) hormones as a sign of pregnancy. This hormone affects the digestive system such as morning sickness that may cause vomiting, diarrhea, and food craving. The hormonal changes happen to all pregnant women, but only a few of them experienced diarrhea in their early pregnancy.

Another cause of diarrhea is food sensitivity. Some women are being more sensitive to certain food which causes diarrhea. Especially with food that contains much lactose like milk. On the other hand, pregnant mothers have to consume enough amount of calcium. So, they have to choose other alternatives of calcium like yogurt and cheese.

  • How to Avoid Diarrhea during Pregnancy

    The cause of diarrhea in early pregnancy is a hormone. But the pregnant mother still can take care of their nutrition during pregnancy which can help them to avoid diarrhea and other digestion problems like constipation and vomiting. The foods that should be avoided by pregnant moms are dairy products, red meat, carbonated and caffeinated beverages, fatty fried food, and spicy food.

    In order to get tons of essential nutrition for the baby, a pregnant mom has to be more selective about their meal. It is very important to take care of the hygiene and the nutrition of the meal.

    It must be totally hygienic, fresh, and free of preservative substances. A pregnant mom also has to pay attention to the chance of being allergic.

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 The Remedies

When pregnant moms experienced diarrhea in their early pregnancy, the first step to do is to have a consultation with a doctor. Remember that diarrhea is also caused by viruses or bacteria apart from the natural causes as effects of pregnancy.

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Besides that, the pregnant mom must consume plenty of water, at least one litter every two hours when they got diarrhea. The loss of liquids during diarrhea will make it worse. Consuming some ginger tea or adding some honey to the water can accelerate the healing.

  • Is Diarrhea Harmful?

    Moreover, Diarrhea will not harm the baby or the mother. But if the condition is getting worse like dehydration, it will be very risky to the mom and baby. Dangerous diarrhea is when diarrhea occurs during the second or third trimester of the pregnancy.

    Pregnancy is an incredible moment for every woman. Don’t be upset or experience diarrhea in early pregnancy, you just have to take care of your fetus’s nutrition wisely.


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