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Method, Benefits & Precautions of doing Marjari Asana

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What is Marjari Posture

In Marjariasana, the word Marjari is derived from Sanskrit meaning cat, and asana meaning shape or posture. The process of doing this asana is done like a cat. That’s why it is called Marjari Asana. Known as Cat Pose in English. Everyone can easily do this asana.
To do this, the hands and feet have a cat-like posture. It is most beneficial in curing backbone and stomach-related problems. More benefits can be obtained from its practice. 
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Method of doing Marjari Asana:

  • To do Marjari Asana, sit in Vajrasana on a yoga mat or mat.
  • Calm the mind and focus.
  • Make a distance of one to two feet between both hands and knees and keep the hands on the ground.
  • Straighten the arms and thighs.
  • The shape of the body should appear as a cat looks when it is standing.
  • Keeping the back straight, respect the breath.
  • While inhaling, pull the waist down and the neck upwards.
  • Then while exhaling, pull the waist upwards and bend the neck downwards.
  • In both these positions, keep the body still for 10 to 15 seconds.

Pay attention: Do not rush while doing this asana and raise or lower the waist according to your convenience.

How to breathe in Marjari Asana?

Both inhalation and exhalation are very important in cat stretch yoga. As you pull your spine up, inhale and bring the head towards the chest.
When you pull the spine down, exhale and move your head up and as much as possible, exhale as much air from your lungs as possible.

How long to do Marjari Asana?

Try to maintain this for 5-10 seconds, moving your back in an upward direction. And when you bring your back down, hold it for that long.
However, maintaining this cat-like posture can be extended as per convenience and time. You can do this yoga 10 times to get the most out of it. But in the case of diseases, the rounds can be increased as per the guidance of yoga experts.

What are the benefits of the Marjari posture?

Strengthening the spine: This is one of the best yoga poses for spinal health. It helps to loosen the spine. It is extremely useful for people who have a stiff spine or chronic back or neck pain.
Good for Pelvic Area: Regular practice of this yoga massages the pelvic region making it stronger.
Aids in Digestion: It activates the organs related to digestion and helps in the secretion of enzymes and hormones, which helps in digestion and overcoming constipation.
Internal organs: It stretches and stimulates the nerves. In this way, the entire nervous system is controlled. Therefore, there is a good yoga practice for the smooth functioning of the internal organs.
Reproductive disorders: It is a good yoga practice for diseases of the sexual organs and helps in alleviating the issues related to reproductive disorders.
Menstrual problems: Women can benefit immensely by practicing this yoga regularly and problems like menstruation can be prevented.
Leucorrhoea: Regular practice of this asana acts as a panacea for the prevention of leucorrhoea.
Post-pregnancy posture: This is an excellent asana for post-pregnancy as it strengthens the abdominal muscles and encourages the abdomen to resume its normal shape.
Neck pain: Neck pain can be reduced by its practice.
Back pain: It can reduce the severity of back pain and chronic back pain.

Benefits of doing Marjari Asana:

  • The spinal cord becomes strong and flexible by the practice of Marjari Asana.
  • By doing this asana, it is beneficial in curing the problems of back pain and back pain.
  • This can avoid problems related to the digestive system.
  • Practicing this asana helps in reducing belly fat.
  • Helps women to cure menstrual problems.
  • Beneficial asana for hands, feet, and shoulders.

Precautions of Marjari Asana:

  • Do not do this asana if there is any serious problem related to the spine.
  • If there is a problem of severe pain in the neck or knee, do not do this asana.
  • If there is any kind of operation or surgery in the stomach, then do not do this asana.
  • Pregnant women should not do this asana.

10 Important Facts About Marjari Asana:

  • Level: Basic
  • Style: Ashtanga Yoga
  • Duration: 5-10 seconds each step
  • Cycles: 4 to 5 rounds.
  • Strengthening: spine, neck, back, abdominal muscles, pelvic area, sex organs, wrists.
  • Stretches: spine, neck, back, shoulders, abdomen.
  • To remove belly fat, it is good to stretch the abdominal area regularly.
  • Good yoga to reduce stress.
  • Mind relaxation
  • Improves blood circulation in internal organs.


In ancient times, sages used to learn something from nature or animals. This mudra has been created by looking at the cat.  Just as the cat’s body is flexible, in the same way the spine becomes flexible and strong by doing this asana.


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