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Organic Food is Good for Women’s

Organic farming is one of the oldest forms of agriculture and food production-as well as one of the newest. All such food production is define by law. Organic food for women’s growing and processing of Organic food for aware of women’s health and wellness, concerned with diet and nutrition should be aware, is governed by a strict set of rules.

“Such sustainable agriculture is a form of food production which builds biodiversity and provides people with wholesome, healthy food for all time” -Jonathan Porrit, patron of the Soil Association.

The term organic is give to food which is grow and process without the use of synthetic chemicals or fertilizers- hence its place in history. In modern times it has maintain its relevance to a niche market which is becoming increasingly mainstream.

Misunderstood About Organic Food:

As women of health wellness, concern with diet and nutrition we know that Organic food for women that was once misunderstood and was only associate with hippie culture, or, was dreary to the palate. We now know that this type of Organic food has now found its way into the sterile aisles of leading supermarket chains.

Moreover Cocktails of growth hormones, antibiotics and other synthetic drugs are fed to non-organically raised farm animals and are then consume by us down the food chain. Consequently today, many people are becoming resistant to antibiotics, and it is getting more and more difficult to treat some of the staph- infections found in our hospitals, because of this resistance.

There are also much higher instances of cancer , respiratory problems, and other illnesses in non organic farm workers. Soil erosion is rife and we are losing native plants and wild life. We know, it is also costing us millions of dollars each year to clean up the mess that agro chemicals make to our water

Organic Standards:

All organic food standards allow for some low level contamination and realize that drift is unavoidable. Some low level residues are allow in this food produce. However, such levels are extremely low, and any levels they do have will most likely be lower than residues allow in non-organic food.

There are various standards set in the production of Organic food for women’s  instance, that land on which such food is grow, will have to be free of all prohibit substances for at least 3 years, prior to harvesting the first organic crop from it. Genetic engineering is ban.

To grow organically, soil fertility must be manage through crop rotations, cover crops and be supplemente with animal and crop waste. Pests and weeds must be manage through biological control.

Animals must be raise under organic management for the last third of gestation; they must not be fed growth hormones or antibiotics. Organic food products consume by them must be 100% organic and they must have access to out door pastures for nutrients.

Organic food for women farming is safe and it produces healthy livestock and crops without damage to the environment. Many conventional farmers are transforming their farms into organic havens.

Labeling of Organic Foods:

The laws applicable to the labeling of organic food assure us that at least 95% of the organic food ingredients must have been grown and process organically. We should know that any product label as organic must identify each organically produce ingredient in the ingredient statement on the information panel. The certifying agents name and address must also be display.

We should be aware that this restriction does not apply to “free range”, “no drugs or growth hormones use” or “sustainability harvest” products for Organic food for women health.

Buying Organic Food for women’s:

Be wary and take time to read all labels when buying organic food. Organic food contains 50% more vitamins, minerals and enzymes and other micro nutrients than the traditionally intensively farm products. We know that this food tastes better and as it is important in our diet to eat plenty of nutritional fruit and vegetables, taste is a great incentive to do this.

People who buy organic food, fruit, vegetables and meat, will have less exposure to pesticide residues together with an increase in the nutritional value of their food. They will, of course pay more for this privilege. However, we realize that less money will be spent in the long run as less of our tax money will be spent in cleaning up the chemical mess left by intensively farm soils.

As women concern with health and wellness, diet and nutrition, go organic, for the future of your children and grandchildren, so that they can play in the countryside with the natural plants and wild life that were there when we were young!! They will grow to be strong and healthy, eating organic foods.


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Written by Dr. Ozair (CEO of SignSymptom.com) as physician writers are physicians who write creatively in fields outside their practice of medicine.

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