Practice and Work

Operational Health is a field dealing with the management and work in the operating theater.

Practice and work

We recommend reading the following articles about Practice and work, which may be the beginning of an interesting discussion about modern nursing and a source of practical advice for novices of this profession.

Care After a Kidney Transplant

Caring for a patient after kidney transplantation is to educate the patient, select optimal and individualized immunosuppressive treatment, prevent complications, detect them early, and treat them when they occur.

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How to Look After a Hemodialysis Patient

Hemodialysis is an Extra-corporeal dialysis method in patients with chronic renal failure. It allows you to remove protein and mineral Catabolism products and excess water consumed.

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Early Diagnosis and Treatment of Sepsis

Early Identification and Treatment of Pathogens in Sepsis, Sepsis is one of the main causes of death in patients in hospitals around the world. Severe sepsis only in the UK causes about 37,000 deaths each year

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Care for a Patient on Peritoneal Dialysis:

Peritoneal dialysis is a renal replacement therapy for chronic renal failure, as are hemodialysis and its variants, and kidney transplantation. All the data presented in the following section are from the book “Diagnosis and treatment of kidney diseases – guidelines,

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Supply of infusion Fluids

Transfusion of infusion fluids is one of the basic therapies used in the hospital. The nurse has its share because as a person performing a medical order, he not only performs intravenous punctures, but also transfuses infusion fluids and keeps their balance

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Care of an Unconscious Mechanically Ventilated Patient

The unconscious patient is a very special patient. Requires to spend a lot of time on it. The nurse must take care of the patient in every dimension, the patient will not say what help he wants from us.

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What does work at the ICU look like

To work in intensive care, you must complete a qualifying course in anaesthesiological nursing and intensive care. In addition, many specialist chickens should be completed, which expand the knowledge

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Taking Blood from a Child- For a legal adviser

While blood collection for an adult does not cause us major problems, many of us do not have experience in collecting blood in children, and at the sight of a toddler get heart palpitations.

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Work below possibilities and qualifications.

The report presents Registered Nurse Forecasting (RN4CAST) research, which aimed to show if there is a difference in the responsibilities and tasks assigned to nurses working in the country of origin and those who migrated from a developing country.

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