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Should Women Lift Weights (weight lifting for women)

Should Women Lift Weights?

The simple answer is YES!
Women should lift weights it is one of the most effective ways of burning fat. In fact, your body keeps burning fat long after you‘ve put the weight down. For up to 24 hours after a heavy to Lift Weights session.

Strong is the new sexy: But it is more than just a fad. It is a healthy enzyme choice with the added benefit of a banging body. So don’t be afraid of weight lifting…

Join a gym, Get a free gym program and start training, Go by yourself, drag a friend along or get a trainer. The choice is yours, but whatever you do, go for Lift Weights! PLEASE

Once you take those first steps believe me you will not regret it. Plus you can put all those boys in their place, thinking they own the free weight area. SIGH!

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A few things to expect when you start training:

Motivation is hard at the start. I suggest you pick small achievable goals at first, and then set your long goals. And remember, be realistic!

Looking at motivational quotes can help, as can using imagery. Pick someone with a similar body type and height and at your desired body shape and put it as your screensaver. Then go get it for yourself! Whatever it is that works for you, get started and keep going.

Your muscles may be sore the first few times you workout or train this is perfectly normal it usually kicks in after 24 hours of the previous workout.

This soreness is more commonly known as DOMS (or delayed onset muscle soreness) which is when the muscle fibers have been torn and are rebuilding more fibers, resulting in more muscles to work with during your next session. This degeneration and repair are due to working the muscle past its normal capabilities, which is why there is pain involved. This soreness or stiffness usually kicks in 24-48 hours afterward.

You may feel a little insecure or nervous in a gym setting at first. This is perfectly normal and we suggest that you get a gym tour so you know your way around before you train. Maybe find a quiet corner, to begin with.

Don’t be afraid to get familiar with the trainers. In fact, talk to a variety, you will learn a lot this way and any trainer who is interested in their job will help you and even sometimes without you asking! You shouldn’t be offended if this happens, the fact that they have approached you means they cared about your welfare. They have probably noticed you training on more than one occasion and have noticed that with a few simple ques they could help fix your technique so embrace it.

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Five Common Questions about lift Weights For Women:

  1. What should I be eating and when?
  2. Will I get big and bulky?
  3. Why are slow-controlled reps better than fast?
  4. HIIT vs Steady-state cardio?
  5. Should I take supplements?

1.What should I eat when starting the gym?

This is probably the most common question that we as trainers get asked, and the best answer I can give without knowing every detail and using several formulas is: Eat whole foods. Cut out the processed foods. Stop eating sugar. And don’t add salt also please please, please… Stop thinking there is a magic pill! A skinny tea? Whatever another crazy idea is on the shelf at the moment.

The truth is there is no magic !!! It’s about being consistent, so eat whole foods, eat when you’re hungry, and eat small regular meals.

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2. Will I get big and bulky?

Ladies, you will not get big and bulky. First of all, you have not got enough natural testosterone, and second of all, it is very hard to get big unless you’re eating bucket loads of good food. It just ain’t gonna happen.

So ladies go train, lift weights, lift them properly and enjoy the fat-burning exercise rewards that weight lifting gives. It is one of the most effective ways to burn fat lose weight and TONE UP!!

3. Why are slow-controlled reps better than fast?

Slow and controlled reps are better than fast for a couple of reasons. The first reason is that you are controlling the weight you are lifting and not just throwing it around. You should be able to stop a weight anytime during a rep without any difficulty. If you can’t then you should not be lifting that weight.

This ladies means that under no circumstances will you have to lift heavy unless you really want to. The next reason is TUT (or time under tension). This is the time spent lifting the weight making the muscle or body part that your training contract or tighten, this little technique is where the real calories get burned.

Lifting light and slow gives more control more contraction of the muscle and less chance of injury or bad form.

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4. HIIT vs STEADY state cardio?

Ok so this one is probably going to stir a few pots but hey I’m up for a good discussion every now and then. So here it are my two cents. HIIT (or high-intensity interval training) is a highly effective fat-burning tool. It is short bursts at maximum effort, then a short rest and repeat strategy.

It gets the heart rate up fast, improves cardiovascular endurance (or ability to perform the exercise). This fitness training does not take a long time and therefore is very effective for those of you that don’t have much time. It is not going to be easy but then again anything worthwhile never is.

Steady-state cardio, although also effective is usually performed at a lower intensity and for longer periods of time. Who really wants to spend 20 minutes running on a treadmill or cross trainer?

The hands-down winner for me has to be HIIT. It’s short, highly effective, burns a lot of calories, and improves overall women’s health and wellness being and the best bit… it’s over quickly!

5. Should I take supplements?

Another interesting one, and here is my educated answer. Supplements are meant to be exactly that; a supplement and not a meal replacement. The nation has become a little obsessive about protein and other quick fixes.

You should try to take all of your nutrients through full whole foods as much as possible. If you’re eating to lose weight, you will be eating slightly less. Do you really want to use up your meal on a drink that will not fill you up? Or a bar that could be loaded with sugar? HELL NO!

You want to eat those calories right!

If you are training and you know that you cannot eat for a while, then and only then should you consider a protein shake. But it shouldn’t replace a meal that you would have had. It will just be extra. So your go-to option from now on should be food where possible.


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