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To me, skins are the outer layer of the covering of our bodies. They come in many colors and in many ways. Some are dry others are oily. Each type Skins care needs special attention to keep it at its best. Some of us are genetically lucky. As we age we show few wrinkles, and if we have been vigilant about sun care as we grow old there will be little damage to show.

Others will have inherited “wrinkly” skins and whatever they attempt to do to improve this state; will have little effect, save the drastic measure of plastic surgery. Some will try Botox treatment, but this is not a lasting effect and has to be repeated over the years.

Some people with wrinkles decide to grow old “disgracefully” and dress a little outrageously, so people comment on their clothes and not their wrinkles!! To me, skins Care, especially of the face, legs, arms and body is an ongoing concern. If you have oily skin then you need a “dry” body moisturizer, that won’t add to the oiliness.

Likewise, if it is “dry”, then you need to use a “moist” lotion for your body to stop the dryness. Such moisturizers can be bought quite cheaply at your pharmacy, drug store or local supermarket. However, care for your face and neck need special attention.

A Good Cleanser:

First you must start with a good cleanser. You need a natural cleansing agent that will sweep away makeup, dirt and impurities.

New Vision has an improved Enzyme Cleanser which will do that. New Vision has eliminated all synthetic cleansers and fragrances and has replaced them with all natural products and a delicious grapefruit aroma. This cleansing agent is good for all types of skins Care and is great for removing eye makeup as women’s wellness wnd anti-aging.

Skins Care Day Lotion:

This lotion is able to support and smooth facial contour. This product Hydra-Firm Day Lotion protects against UVA and UVB sun rays that may contribute to skin damage and thus protects against premature aging.

Antioxidant Protection:

Skins care and coloring

Such protection helps to neutralize the factors that cause the damaging effects of sun and pollution. Beta-C Antioxidant Creme does this. it has a proprietary blend of lycopene, from tomato extract, and beta carotene from carrot extract which gives this excellent product its unique mandarin color, and delivers the powerful antioxidant properties to fortify and nourish. This process also helps in support of elasticity and firmness, leaving a hydrated and healthy look.


Nutri-C Complex contains glycolic acid to gently lift away dull, dried out cells that hide skins natural radiance, moisture rich humectants to provide vital hydration, as well as other beneficial ingredients like green tea extract and vitamin B6. This product is recommended for any skin type showing premature lines or wrinkles, poor tone, or uneven texture or color.

Illuminating Eye Complex:

This eye product has an exclusive blend of botanicals which will visibly firm and nourish the delicate circle area under the eyes with licorice extract that helps to calm and soothe. It glides on effortlessly leaving a smooth and glowing feeling.
The advanced humectants attract and hold moisture to the under eye area. It helps to minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Skins care System:

This is a omprehensive system that provides a total approach to great skins Care. It contains Enzyme Cleanser, Nutra-C complete, Illuminating Eye Complex, Hydra-Firm Day Lotion, and the Beta-C Antioxidant CremeTM. There is also a Basic skin care system that you might like to have a look at.

Also you might like to view the Travel Set natural hair care. This set contains Citrus Sage Shampoo, Lavender Chamomile Conditioner and Mandarin Body Wash.

Essential Oils Skins Care:

Together with care for skin come the essential oils. All of these oils are petroleum-free and have natural base conditioners. They have no artificial color or fragrance and if used properly these Essential Oils can be of great benefit to relaxation, and can relieve tension headaches and stress. Thus they too, contribute to the skins Care

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