Stomach cancer can be defined as any cancer generates from the stomach. Every year more or less 800,000 people die from stomach cancer all over the world. Men are more likely to develop stomach cancer than women (How to Prevent Cancer Development).

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Cause of Stomach cancer:

Unfortunately, no specific cause of stomach cancer has yet been discovered. But it has been seen that people with pernicious anemia history and blood group A are more prone to develop this cancer than others.

Signs and symptoms of Stomach Cancer:

Stomach cancer generally does not show any symptoms in the primary stage. In most cases, stomach cancers are diagnosed when in advanced stage previously because it is the time when stomach cancer starts to show symptoms. However, here is a list of stomach cancer symptoms according to their stages:

Primary Stage

  • Loss of appetite
  • Unusual irritation in abdomen
  • Indigestion

Middle Stage

  • Fatigue
  • Bloating of stomach

 Advanced Stage

  • Nausea
  • Constipation
  • Abdominal pain, especially in upper abdomen
  • Loss of weight
  • Blood vomiting and blood in stool
  • Dysphagia
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Diagnosis of Stomach Cancer:

Diagnosis of Stomach Cancer:

Stomach cancer can be detected by endoscopy. A CT scan or an ultrasound may also be performed to diagnose the spread of stomach cancer.

Treatment Stomach Cancer:

There are three main methods of stomach cancer treatment and are Surgery, Radiation therapy, and Chemotherapy.

Surgery – In this method, a part or most of the stomach is removed and the continuity of bowels is reconstructed. This is the most difficult method to treat stomach cancer and it carries the highest risk or later effects.

Radiation therapy – in some cases radiation therapy is used to control the advancement of this cancer. It is often combined with chemotherapy.

Chemotherapy – It is used on patients who fail to respond to surgery. The most common drugs that are used to treat stomach cancer are VP-16, Cisplatinum, 5-FU, Adriamycin, Leucovorin, Mitomycin.

However, after treatment patients have to attend regular follow-up sessions in 1-3 months from 1-2 years.

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