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The Causes of Erectile Dysfunction

Causes of Erectile dysfunction (Overview)

The physical Causes of Erectile dysfunction (ED) lie in the violation of the order of processes that lead to erection. It starts from the nervous impulses in the cerebrospinal axis that lead to the appropriate response of muscles, fibrous tissues, arteries and veins in penis and so on.

Complex physiological processes take place in the body during the erection, therefore the problems connected with erection may be of various nature. They may be either just psychological or physical, and sometimes there are both Causes of Erectile dysfunction (01 )

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As a rule, the violations of the order of reactions are connected with arteries and muscles that surround the penis. The disease is often the reason of this disorder. Such diseases are there reasons of impotency.


Diabetes results in the damage of the nerve terminals, tissues and arteries that disrupts erection (ED). According to the statistics given by the National Institute of Health about 30-50% of men suffering from diabetes have the problem of erective dysfunction. According to some data up to 75% of men with diabetes have problems of impotency during the lifetime. It is noteworthy that the risk grows with age due to the natural reasons.

Kidney disease

Kidney diseases lead to the chemical disorders in the human body. They are the reasons of hormone imbalances, disorders of blood circulation, the functionality of nerve terminals, the decrease of the general euphrasia level. This simultaneously decreases interest in men and influences the sexual vigor. Moreover, even the therapy used for the treatment of kidney disease may negatively affect erection.

Neurological diseases

The diseases of brain and nerves belong to the group of neurological diseases. As the nervous system plays an important role in the process of erection, its disorders may lead to the dysfunction. Among men suffering from neurological disorders – insults, Alzheimer’s disease, disseminated sclerosis, spinal cord injury and so on – the cases of impotence are frequent. This happens as a result of disruption of the nervous impulses interchange.

The vascular system diseases

The blood vessel problems result in the erective disorders. Hypertension, atherosclerosis and the high cholesteric level belong to such problems. Moreover, this is the group of diseases that are the main Causes of Erectile dysfunction of impotence in almost 70% of cases. The blood circulation disorder leads to the low circulation of blood in penis that decreases the erection.

Prostatic gland cancer

The prostatic gland cancer is not the reason of impotence itself, but the treatment used in this case often leads to disorders. There are various hormonal agents, irradiation, surgery and so on.

But not only these diseases may lead to the physical disorders. The specialists also define the other reasons that are potentially dangerous for sexual health.


In some cases the surgery aimed at the treatment of prostatic gland or urinary bladder cancer may lead to the damage or elimination of some nervous terminals. And this in its turn leads to impotency and other diseases. In some cases the problems are of temporary character, and sometimes the effects are nonreversible. As a rule, in such cases the special treatment for the restoration of erection is required.

Physical damage

Physical injuries of spinal cord, urinary bladder, penis and pelvis that require special treatment and surgery may also be the reason of erectile dysfunction.

Hormone imbalance

Hormone disorders of the organism lead to the various consequences, including impotency. They include the disorders of thyroid hormones level, testosterone, galactopoietic hormone and so on. They influence the sexual stimulation, promoting the appropriate response. The reasons of such disorders may lie in the various diseases, such as pituitary tumor, liver and kidney diseases, the consequences of prostatic gland cancer treatment and so on.

Venous leakage

If the veins in penis for some reasons cannot withhold blood, its outflow starts that makes erection maintenance impossible. The venous leakage develops as a result of disease or injury.

Tobacco, alcohol and drugs

These harmful agents gradually destroy the circulatory system in the human body and also lead to other disorders. This results in the blood circulation disorder and impotency. Smokers suffering from atherosclerosis almost always have problems of impotency.

Medical agents

Some prescribed medical agents may be a reason of impotency. The list comprises about 200 items in total.

Prostate hyperplasia

The increasing volumes of the prostatic gland and the effects caused by this are lately being associated with the impotency.

Erectile Dysfunction Faqs:

What is the best prescription drug for erectile dysfunction?

The greatest ED treatment is the one that is most effective for you. The most widely recommended ED drugs are sildenafil (Viagra) and tadalafil (Cialis), both of which are equally safe and effective. In most circumstances, your lifestyle and budget will guide your decision.

Can daily Viagra cure erectile dysfunction permanently?

Many men with erectile dysfunction who take sildenafil (Viagra) daily can restore normal erection function, according to Frank Sommer and colleagues at the University Medical Center Cologne, Germany. Sommer’s team chose 76 guys at random to receive Viagra every night or only when they needed it.



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