Thread Veins

Thread Veins

Thread veins, or dermal flares, may occur in people who have varicose veins but often occur alone. They affect the outside of the thigh and the inside of the leg near the knee, as well as the calf. In people with varicose veins, it is best to treat these first. Where thread veins are the only problem no additional treatment is necessary. To find out if there are unsuspected varicose veins, tests for varicose veins are necessary.


Micro-sclerotherapy is a technique which can treat small varicose and spider veins. This method removes veins by the injection of a solution which destroys the vein. A very fine needle is used to inject the vein with a small quantity of a solution containing substances which irritate the inner lining of the vein. In response, the veins close up, collapse and are reabsorbed. The surface veins are no longer visible. The procedure itself is not usually painful. Bruising may occur after treatment and generally fades in four weeks, but may last for longer. The treatment is performed in the clinic and usually requires between three and six sessions of half an hour each.

Laser treatment

Fine thread veins may be treated using a laser. A new machine called a PhotoDerm has been developed to do this. It produces brilliant flashes of light which are applied to the veins. The thread veins are heated by the light and destroyed. About 5 or 6 treatments are usually required to remove all visible veins from the legs. The treatment is performed in the clinic and each session lasts for half an hour with two weeks between sessions.


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