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Types Of Exercises To Improve Your Physical Performance

Improve Your Physical Performance

Not only for weight loss, but can exercise also be used to improve physical performance. What type of exercises is recommended? When it comes to improving physical performance, what you immediately think of is taking certain strong drugs or herbs. This method is not the only one. There are healthier ways to be strong and durable in bed, namely by doing certain types of exercise.

The reason is someone who exercises tends to have a good body image or image. People who often exercise also feel more attractive.

As a result, he can feel more confident when he feels physical urges. Here are the types of exercise that can improve the quality of your life.

Reporting from Everyday Health, exercise 3-4 times a week can improve flexibility, endurance, and techniques in physical intercourse. Health problems can affect physical performance. Some of the more common are obesity and nerves such as blood pressure and depression.

Exercises To Improve Your Physical Performance

1. Weightlifting

Should Women Lifting weights on a regular basis has been proven to build the body and muscles and improve posture. With these benefits, lifting weights has been shown to be effective in preventing the incidence of sarcopenia, aka muscle mass loss in old age.

Not only is that lifting weights very good for increasing testosterone production. The more the male’s body produces testosterone, the stronger his physical desire. It is recommended for men to do 10 reps per training session.

Lifting weights, push-ups, sit-ups, and crunches can strengthen your shoulders, chest, and abdominal muscles. If the muscles in the upper body have strong stamina, of course, you will not be easily sluggish when holding your body and moving during physical intercourse.

2. Kegel exercises

Kegel exercises are not only good for women. Moreover, yoga sport exercise is also good for improving the physical performance of men. Kegel exercises can help men gain strength and tone the pubococcygeus (PC) muscles.

Muscle is what helps prevent the “sliding” of urine in the middle of ejaculation. Not only that, Kegel is even able to strengthen the muscles in the pelvis so that physical performance is maximized.

For men who want to delay ejaculation, you can contract this muscle before orgasm. The trick is to squeeze the PC muscle for 10 seconds, calm down, and do it several times. Cenforce 150 and Fildena 150 can increase potency for men.

3. Yoga

Apart from strength, having also requires flexibility. Well, a very powerful sport to increase flexibility is yoga. Good flexibility will make you and your partner freer to explore positions when penetrating.

01 – How often do you think about any other thing except yoga poses when someone speaks of yoga? Most of the time, stretching over a Yoga actually not only makes the body flexible but also increases agility, strengthens breathing, and increases muscle strength. This sport is also good for people with hypertension and heart disease .

Some of the recommended yoga positions to increase pelvic muscle strength, aka the pelvis, are the bow pose, shoulder stand, and peacock pose.

4. Swimming

Who says swimming can only make the body taller and provide a relaxing effect? This water sport can also improve physical performance by eliminating excess fat and making the body look attractive, especially in women’s eyes.

Who routinely swim when they are 60 years old report an increase in physical arousal like when they were 40 years old! If you want to be like that too, try swimming 3 times a week which per session is done for only 3 minutes.

It can be said that swimming is included as a sport with complete benefits. Apart from being a sport for love, swimming can increase physical endurance, build muscle, and train the function of the heart and blood vessels.

5. Muscle Strength Exercises

One good therapy for dealing with decreased libido is muscle strength exercise. This type of exercise can increase the production of the hormone testosterone, which also functions as a stimulating hormone.

Muscle strength training such as raising weights can also make your body look more attractive. Do strength training regularly every two to three times a week, and balance it with enough sleep.

6. Walking

For those who like simple sports, be happy! Therefore, aerobic exercise such as walking can reduce 30 percent of the risk of erectile dysfunction.

Meanwhile, there are studies that report that aerobic activity can also burn about 200 calories per day. That’s a series of types of sports to improve the physical performance of men and women. Apart from doing the exercise above, also consume healthy and nutritious foods that can manage stress well. The reason is, stress is believed to be one of the triggers for men.

Some people are searching on the net, reading seminars and books now, going to see who is doing well in that work, etc. The amount of activity is different for each person, but for those with high energy are the amount of activity is completely different.


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