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Types of Oiling Massage Therapy – Deep Tissue Massage

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Oiling Massage Therapy and Health:

Massage as a kind of non-medicine natural treatment and physical treatment has a long history, and which has been phrased as senior medicine by some scholars, since it has big effects in our health, thus today we are going to talk about something about massage and holistic health.

In addition to get some a certain manipulation method or body activities onto meridians and collaterals of body in prevention of disease and for health care and is originate form self-defense instinct of human beings, which has the following functions.

Moreover, working onto certain parts of human body for producing effects in pathology and biology. In summary, Oiling Massage Therapy has effects such as dredging meridians, smoothing blood vessels, activating bone knuckles and adjusting organ functions and reinforcing anti-disease ability. Now we would like to introduce some of them.

No.1 adjust functions of liver and other organs

Pathological changes of body can be summarized as imbalance of functions of insider organs. Oiling Massage Therapy is to use skillful ways to readjust new balance of organs functions for reaching goals of treating disease and keeping our body healthy.

No.2 dredge the channels of blood

Blood is main material for maintaining our life, and meridians are channels for operating, transmitting and communicating blood of our body. And once blood of meridians are abnormal, exterior virus would run into our body can cause disease, and which would be reflected onto body appearance. Massage can promote production and operation of blood and functions of meridians to harmonize organ functions and prevent exterior virus and interior disease.

No.3 smooth knuckles of muscles and bones

Massage can adjust breathing by working onto skin; and can smooth skin grain and interstitial space by working onto muscles; can expel stasis and relieve stagnation by working onto blood vessels and can directly correct tendon exceeded and bone joints broken. Thus no matter exterior virus and interior disease all can be treated by Oiling Massage Therapy.

Treating principle of massage is the general law for treating disease. In clinical work, massage should be adopted in accordance with different people, different diseases, different pathology, different time, and different places by different combinations for treating disease.

But specific treatment methods of Oiling Massage Therapy are finished under principles of treating, which include concept of holism, diagnosis and treatment based on an overall analysis, simultaneous treatment principal and subordinate symptoms, simultaneous treatment principal and subordinate symptoms, and association of activity and inertia.

Must read the following basic Types of Massage 

1- Anti-cellulite Massage

Anti-cellulite massage 02 aims to remove cellulite and the complexes it brings with it. Among the natural remedies, massage occupies a central place, and a path that should not be avoided.

It’s must from the beginning that Oiling Massage Therapy is one of the best ways to get rid of cellulite that can occur on the abdomen, thighs, buttocks sometimes on the arms and other places on the body.

Medically, the appearance of “orange peel” is determine by a local accumulation of fat, water and toxins in adipose tissue at various advance and less advance stages. The specific maneuvers of this type of Deep Tissue Massage are also combine with the local lymphatic drainage and the fat layer, the excess water and the toxins are reduce. Causing greater local detoxification.

The effect is amplify by the use of creams and other anti-cellulite products as well as a special packaging technique that gives a new profile to the body.

For a long-lasting effect of cell removal, the Oiling Massage Therapy must be accompany by other activities such as:

  • Running outdoors
  • Aerobic and fitness movements
  • Mountain hikes and other activities that require high calorie consumption
  • Specific anti-cellulite exercise programs
  • A specific detox diet and an adequate diet.

2- Lymphatic drainage Massage

It represents a stimulation of the lymphatic circulation 03 in order to drain the lymph better and faster towards the lymph nodes and the evacuation channels. Lymphatic capillaries take up interstitial fluid and turn it into lymph.

A characteristic of lymphatic circulation is form by the speed of the lymphatic current, which is much lower than the speed of the venous current. Manual lymphatic drainage helps to improve lymphatic circulation and implicitly of lymphocytes, lipids, enzymes, as well as the refreshment of interstitial fluid.

Lymphatic drainage massage image

A good lymphatic circulation eliminates the possibility of edema in the calves, wounds or operations. Liquid penetration force Interstitial in the lymphatic capillaries is essential and depends on the force of fluid being push by the heart. Manual lymphatic drainage with the help of specific maneuvers increases the pressure in the capillaries and makes a better and faster drainage of the lymph.

In-depth knowledge of venous circulation and drainage-specific maneuvers are sufficient for a masseur technician to be able to bring unexpected benefits to those with poor lymphatic circulation.

Manual lymphatic drainage uses:

  • Forms of edema of venous, cardiac or lymphatic origin
  • Inflammatory processes with high protein level
  • Pre- and post-operative period at the skin level
  • Skin lesions
  • Distal trophic disorders of the limbs, venous or arterial insufficiency
  • Cellulite
  • Obesity

3- Weight loss Oiling Massage Therapy

Excess weight not only has an unpleasant and unsightly appearance but also has detrimental repercussions on the whole body. This excess is given by an excess of fat layer that is not limited to the deposition in the subcutaneous tissue but also on some organs and blood vessels.

This excess spreads almost evenly throughout the body but according to the conformation and predisposition of each can take different forms sitting mainly on the abdomen, buttocks and thighs and sometimes on the arms.

Weight loss Oiling Massage

In addition, this excess weight can have any person regardless of gender or age and is install in gourmets, sedentary, those who eat incorrectly or at too fast a pace.

Excess weight can be prevented by weight loss massages but much harder if this excess is already long installed. The weight loss Oiling Massage 04 Therapy in this case considers performing and combining some maneuvers of the Swedish massage 05 having a general weight loss effect.

The goal is to influence the cellular metabolism and the glandular system, in an accelerate consumption of calories in order to lose weight.

Weight loss massage aims to:

  • Oiling Massage Therapy for weight loss improvement in blood circulation for better nutrition of the body
  • An activation of the venous system in order to eliminate faster combustion residues from each cell
  • An improvement of the lymphatic circulation to produce a sustain drainage

The effects of this type of deep tissue massage are enhance by the creams and oils used, the diet and a proper diet.

4 – Maintenance Massage

Maintenance massage 06 is a Deep Tissue Massage that is done at least once a week and aims to keep the body in good holistic health, perfect functionality and high tone. The technique is to apply specific maneuvers and procedures aim at better activating blood circulation in each segment and organ, achieving elasticity of the skin and joints, helps to relax and tone muscles specific to a healthy body, removes the condition the fatigue by relaxing the nervous and hormonal system.

Also, the relaxation Oiling Massage Therapy can achieve a faster elimination of toxins from the body and a better regeneration of the tissues.

Maintenance Massage detail image

It is recommend for all healthy people, regardless of age, who want to maintain their health and prevent any disease. The maintenance massage is address to the whole body and each part of the body benefits from maneuvers appropriate to the respective area.

It is recognize that it is better and cheap to stay healthy than to wait to get sick and then be treat. Classic drugs can be not only very expensive but also with negative side effects, so it is preferable to take prophylactic measures that include maintenance massage, a more balanced life, a healthy diet and playing sports.

5 – Relaxation massage

Relaxation massage is the most preferred nowadays because everywhere we meet tired, stressed, exhausted, agitated people. The hectic life of today makes us run out of time for enough relaxation, recreation and rest. Relaxation is the way to let the body relax, to relax all the voluntary muscles.

The relaxation massage 07 through its slow maneuvers can relax the muscles, relax the nerves, relax the brain and release the joint contracts. The slow rhythm, the superficial maneuvers and a pleasant atmosphere make you abandon your body and mind to be carry away by a well-chosen song in other realms, in other higher spheres.

Moreover, the relaxing Oiling Massage Therapy session you have the feeling that you have sleep one night, you are relax, you forgot about fatigue, your body is not so hard anymore and you find the strength to move on.

To create such relaxation you need some mandatory conditions:

Creating a pleasant relaxing setting with a suitable atmosphere, relaxing music, a pleasant scent made with aromatherapy and a discreet light. Oiling Massage Therapy maneuvers must be choose carefully, combine with mastery, perform at a slower pace but quite deep, avoiding harsh and noisy maneuvers.

Through the discussions before the massage you have to find out if he is tense or stress, tire or weak, so that you can adapt the massage according to each person, according to the needs of each one.

An essential point of this massage is the permanent observation of the physiognomy of the face that must relax more and more and the noticing of the tense or tense areas to insist in these areas but without abruptly or disturbing the message one.

6 – Sports Oiling Massage Therapy

This Oiling Massage Therapy 08 is addressed to athletes who do performance or leisure sports. It has several roles and differs from sport to sport, it differs according to the competitive activity and the place it occupies in a competition or training. In high-performance individual sports, athletes choose a masseur who takes care of their whole life, accompanies him to training for competitions in the training and recovery stages.

There are several types of sports Deep Tissue Massage:

  1. Warm-up massage, which is the beginning of a training, competition or contest. It has the role of warming up the body and certain muscle chains that are more in demand in the respective sport, in order to shorten the warm-up or to avoid certain muscle stretches or ruptures.
  2. Deep Tissue Massage perform during breaks between two halves or tests, which aims to relax excess muscles, or warm up muscles that will require.
  3. The return it after the effort at the end of a competition or sports test, which has the role of faster elimination of lactic acid accumulate in certain muscles, general relaxation and regaining the functions of require organs such as heart and lungs.
  4. In sports that require great force (dumbbells, throws), before each attempt must tone the require muscles.
  5. High concentration sports (fencing, boxing) physical and mental relaxation after each half is essential through relaxing massage.

In any sport, small incidents or injuries can occur that can compromise the athlete’s participation and some of them can be remove by short but effective Deep Tissue Massage. After some injuries, for a faster recovery, a judicious recovery massage program returns the athlete to a good competitive shape. Maintenance massages for athletes are necessary during the recovery and rest period, and after a very demanding period a few relaxing Oiling Massage Therapy can restore his mental and physical condition.

7 – Reflexogenic Oiling Massage Therapy

It is a simple and effective method of treatment from the Far East and has as its basic activity the activation by pressing of reflexogenic areas of the body locate on the surface of the body, generally at a distance from the organs they represent. Projection areas at the level of the pavilion of the ear, tongue, soles, palms, spine and large intestine.

By pressing and activating these areas, the blood circulation is facilitate, which requires the acceleration of the transport of toxins to the elimination or elimination organs. Detoxification and after several sessions the crystals are remove, improving health. The causes of toxic deposits are multiple, depending on the biological specificity of each individual. The main cause of common diseases are food toxins that are store in the lungs, kidneys, liver, gallbladder and colon.

7.1 – Plantar reflexology Oiling Massage Therapy

Plantar reflexology massage is the most use and most effective option. Reflex points are locat on the soles. It is work by hand but sometimes special tools can be use that increase the pressing force. The sessions are differentiate according to the condition and the number of Oiling Massage Therapy points.

Plantar reflexology Oiling Massage

The palmar reflexogenic massage 08 represents the Deep Tissue Massage of the reflexological points in the palm which also presents many reflexogenic areas, use for diagnostic and especially therapeutic purposes.

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