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Preparing the Patient for Surgery

What Happens During Surgery Prep during Preparing the patient for surgery The upcoming surgery is a stressful event for the patient and his family, to reduce this stress it is worth knowing what awaits us in the hospital, how to prepare for the stay, and the operation itself.
Let’s start from the beginning.

Prepare Patients for minor surgeries can usually go to the hospital in the morning of the day of surgery, for larger and more complicated Happens During Surgery Prep they will have to report earlier the day before.

In both cases, the patient before surgery should be on an empty stomach, i.e. not eat or drink, at least 8-10 hours before surgery. With some fugitives, an enema is necessary. After preaching to the hospital, the patient is allocated a room and a bed in which he will spend postoperative time.

The patient can also get information about which doctor will operate on him. If he has not been informed about the type of anesthesia, he will still have to talk to the anesthesiologist and choose the best way of anesthesia for him to inform Happens During Surgery Prep.

Wardrobe and Accessories

When planning a hospital stay, the patient should prepare a proper wardrobe and accessories for personal hygiene, including towels. Pajamas with buttons or zippers or long unbuttoned nightgowns are preferred.

Tight and adhesive materials make care difficult and may cause discomfort to the patient. Clothing should be made of natural materials that absorb sweat and are breathable. It would also be good if it was easily washable in the case of what kind of dirt.

In most wards, patients may have a favorite pillow or blanket with them. However, they should be washed sooner and later, especially if there are small children in the house.

On the day of the procedure, the patient should take a shower using antibacterial soap or a special disinfectant. It is inadvisable to use oils, conditioners, and lotions that make the skin greasy and it is difficult to maintain the surgical film or dressing.

Women should wash off makeup and nail polish. Patients go to the block in operating shirts, they should not have underwear and personal clothing underneath. The surgical site should be depilated without damaging the skin.

Staff may ask you to remove the denture and contact lenses and must inform all related Happens During Surgery Prep. After the operation, the patient returns to his room, where he rests, his condition is constantly monitored by nurses.

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What Happens During Surgery Prep

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