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What is the trimester of pregnancy?

With the mother has pregnant for the first time, the term ” trimester ” looks quite confusing. What is the trimester and timelines for each different trimester?

To answer the question: 

What is the trimester of pregnancy?

In general, a pregnancy of women will be divided into three phases, each phase will correspond to a trimester. But if the mother asks: ” Where is the starting point of each quarter ”, will certainly get a lot of different answers. The simplest calculation method applied is split after every 13 weeks, and plus 1 week in the last trimester. In a relative limit for monitoring your pregnancy more closely, you can use the following calculation :

In the trimesters, the pregnant mother will see a lot of change from appearance to the way of thinking

  • First trimester : Is calculated from the first day of the last menstrual period till the end of the 13th week since that time.During the last cycle , the body is busy preparing for ovulation and pregnancy , so the mother can start calculates from this point .
  • Second trimester : Starting from the 14th week from the first date of last menstrual period and lasted until week 27 of pregnancy.
  • Third trimester : Starting from the 28th week and ended at labor.

Things need to do in the first trimester

  • The first prenatal visit : Typically, the mother needs to be checked weight, blood pressure, and your doctor may appointed ultrasound to monitor the development of the fetus .
  • Nuchal translucency ultrasound : At week 10 and 12 , which is near the end of the first trimester , you should undergo nuchal translucency ultrasound to check the risk of Down syndrome in the fetus .
  • Calculate your due date : At the first prenatal visit or based on ultrasound at week 10 – 12, the doctor will calculate gestational age and maternal predictions about exact due date .
  • The next step is to figure out what’s causing the fever. A fever during pregnancy is frequently a sign of an underlying disease that could be detrimental to your developing baby.

Things need to do in the second trimester

  • Do exercise : This is a good way to maintain a healthy mother , resistance, maintain reasonable weight gain during pregnancy beauty around. Let’s active ! Because there are so many choices for you such as walking , yoga , swimming , dancing …
  • Tracking changes in the body : In trimester second mother has begun to change significantly in the abdomen , chest . Right from the moment his mother should pay attention to the Nutrition : From Monday trimester , most mothers were forced to eat more vitamins , protein , calcium , fiber -rich foods and drink enough water.

Things need to do in the third trimester

  • Buying belongings for babies : Early third trimester is the intervals for parents to begin shopping for the baby .  Make a list of items to be purchased and weigh more reuse old belongings from acquaintances , friends or siblings  .
  • Join antenatal classes : These courses will help you to be prepared for the best of births . You will be instructed how to breathe ,reduce pain during labor , how to quickly recover after childbirth and some notes to care infant in the first days.
  • Preparing for Motherhood : During this trimester , your body becomes heavy ‘ll feel pretty tired mother .  However , always keep the mood cheerful , optimistic because your  would feel like you. Mother will be welcome to your little angel soon.


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