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What proctologic conditions result in constipation?

Constipation is a condition in which bowel movements may not be passed on a regular basis or bowel movements that occur less than three times a week. This fluctuation in bowel movements can be due to various reasons. Though the pattern of the bowel movement is entirely different in all individuals. A few of the reasons for constipation are:

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  • Inadequate consumption of fiber
  • Less intake of fluids
  • Not using the restroom when needed
  • Trouble in passing large stools

Usually, people with constipation can strain a lot while passing bowels, large stools can lead to fissures or piles. 

Irritable Bowel Syndrome:

Irritable bowel syndrome is a condition where the colon muscle contracts or fixes in a weird way, which might prompt a few issues. A few patients have the runs, others have a blockage, and others switch back and forth among constipation and diarrhea. The strange constriction can prompt high tension that develops in the colon, causing stomach cramps, gas, bulging, and here and there severe urgency, need to exceed all expectations.  Best Proctology Hospital can be helpful in treating your condition.

Treatment incorporates keeping away from food sources that worsen the issues, a healthy eating regimen to the specific indications, managing pressure, and medications.

Internal hemorrhoids:

Internal hemorrhoids are typical veins that line within the anal opening. We are brought into the world with them. They are believed to be the adjusting component that permits us to contain gas (Proctologic diseases in geriatric persons ) and stay away from passing it until it is socially adequate. At the point when inside hemorrhoids become extended because of stress or pregnancy , they might become worse and begin to bleed. Infrequently, internal hemorrhoids can turn out to be adequately huge to swell externally to the anal opening.

External hemorrhoids:

External hemorrhoids are veins that lie simply under the skin outward of the rear-end. As a rule, they don’t create any symptoms. Incidentally, a blood clot can shape and can be extremely painful. These are not hazardous blood clusters that can head out to different organs. The greatest concern they raise is pain. Commonly this will improve all alone. Some of the time, the coagulation is taken out under local anesthesia in the Proctologist Doctor’s office.


The anal area has tiny organs within the rear-end that open and presumably assist with the section of stool. At the point when one of these organs becomes blocked, contamination might create and there might be a pocket of discharge. Treatment incorporates depleting the boil, normally under local sedation in the specialist’s office.

Diverticular disease:

Colonic diverticula are tiny outpouchings or sacs in the inside covering that happen when the coating gets pushed through shaky areas in the muscle of the gut divider. They typically show up in the sigmoid colon, where the huge bowel inside applies the severe strain. Diverticular sickness might be because of low-fiber eating regimens. Diverticula once in a while cause side effects except if one of the sacs gets obstructed and contaminated. This is called diverticulitis and happens in around 10% of individuals with diverticula. It incidentally bleeds around here. 

About a large portion of the patients who have entanglements of their diverticula will require a Best Proctology Laser Treatment. The Best Proctologist In Madurai can treat the condition under the right conditions.

Cancer and Polyps:

The disease of the colon and rectum is a significant medical issue around the globe today. It happens when the cells in the coating of the large bowel develop and partition in an uncontrolled way. Many variables add to this deficiency of control, including the climate, our eating regimen, and hereditary qualities – what we acquire from our folks. 

The principal irregularity in the bowel in colon disease is a polyp, a little development that might appear as though a mushroom projecting from the covering tissue of the huge gut. There are many kinds of polyps, and not all are the sort that transforms into disease. Be that as it may, eliminating these polyps before they develop serious changes and development can prevent the movement to cancer growth. 

At the point when disease forms, it should be taken out by a medical procedure. Chemotherapy might be suggested for cancer growth of the colon or rectum. Certain tumors of the rectum might require radiation therapy. 

With quick, expert therapy, a great many people can be restored from colorectal disease. In spite of the fact that individuals might stress over wearing a colostomy pack on the mid-region to gather stool, not many individuals need an extremely durable colostomy sack. 

Since colorectal disease comes from polyps, a colonoscopy methodology can prevent colorectal cancer growth by finding and eliminating polyps. Individuals at more serious danger for colorectal cancer growth remember the people who have had polyps or tumors in the past or the individuals who have a family background of colorectal disease. You can reach out to Top proctology hospitals in Trichy for related problems.


Colitis is the irritation or inflammation of the colon lining.

  • Infectious colitis (because of a disease that assaults the huge gut) 
  • Ischemic colitis (occurs due to insufficient blood going to the colon) 
  • Radiation colitis (after radiation treatment, as a rule for prostate, rectal, or gynecological disease) 
  • Ulcerative colitis 
  • Crohn’s diseases 


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