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Why People Take Medicines when Being Depressed? signsymptm research

Why Do People Take Medicines when Being Depressed? (Overview)

According to some recent researches, the main reason for the high rates of depression is hidden in the industrialized and stressful society we are living in nowadays. Even after World War II, registered depression rates were not as high as today, so scientists consider that the human body simply cannot do well with the modern pace and rhythm of life.

Finding the proper drug to treat depression can be a hard and sensitive procedure, not simply because getting an accurate depression diagnosis takes time. Some antidepressants may be dangerous if someone has a major medical condition, such as heart disease , liver disease, or renal illness. The antidepressant may be ineffective for you, or the dose is insufficient; there may not have been enough time to notice an impact or the side effects are too annoying, resulting in treatment failure (01 ).

Among generally accepted depression disorder reasons such as grief or mental trauma , financial issues, troubles at work, too fast and loaded lifestyle take the leading place.Why People Take Medicines when Being Depressed?

Present-Day Habits Leading to Depression

Evidently happy and depression-free individuals are living a more simple and healthy life. For instance, in some researches, Kaluli clan from New Guinea is report as one with zero depression rates (02 ). Their seemingly primitive way of life completely excludes our contemporary fashionable habits and lifestyle.

So what activities that we do every day lead to Depression Medicines

  • Lack of physical activity or physical work
  • voluntary social isolation and lack of face-to-face contact
  • Fast food or want-to-be-a-model diets
  • sleep deprivation: voluntary and night time work
  • in-door activities or lack of sunlight, etc.

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Why Does Contemporary Society Consider Pills When It Comes to Depression?

In case you or your dear ones are facing symptoms of depression such as permanent problems when falling asleep, irritability and constant mood swings, difficulty enjoying and doing things and lack of sexual desire, it is recommended to start changing personal schedule and habits. Prior to seeing your doctor, you can significantly improve your health state by making your life less stressed and gloomy.

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Depression Treatment: Prescribed or OTC Medicines?

When it comes to depression treatment, always consult your doctor first. Numerous thematic blogs, as well as social groups or friends, can advise a number of remedies used to treat the symptoms of depression. Consider such advice as informative only and never take a pill without careful check of side effects it may produce and ingredients it contains. Be responsible when it comes to your own health. Besides, early depression detection can save several happy years.

Modern drugstores offer many solutions to cope with depression including supplements, vitamins, over-the-counter pills with no prescription required, and strong prescribed medications. Depending on how severe your depression symptoms are the treatment may take from some weeks to several months.

The correct choice of antidepressants, combined treatment together with decent meals, sleep, fresh air, and sports can help you solve the depression problem and start enjoying life again.


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Written by Dr. Ozair (CEO of SignSymptom.com) as physician writers are physicians who write creatively in fields outside their practice of medicine.

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