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Women’s Wellness And Anti-Aging

Today, with all our knowledge with regard to wellness and anti-aging, we need not accept the inevitability of it. If you care to search, there is a huge amount of information available from our health clinics, in our libraries, and on the internet with regards to this subject, as well as health care professionals, to link into. However, in my experience, most of the sites on the internet just want to sell you something!! I want to tell you how I, myself have tackled the wellness and anti-aging , problem.

What you eat:

Women's Wellness And Anti-Aging

It is true, you are what you eat. The body needs many tips to keep it healthy. It needs vitamins, minerals, amino acids, etc. I have discovered that there is no perfect diet. In my anti-aging quest, I eat a diet that is low in fats and sugars. It includes the five main foods diet allowing for an occasional treat. As per women’s views a lot of green leafy vegetables, raw salads, legumes, and nuts, with small amounts of lean meat and poultry. Also, eat a lot of fish and have olive oil in place of butter. I drink 8 to 12 glasses of water a day and have a glass of red wine every evening. This, together with a daily intake of anti-aging supplements, both vitamins, and minerals, is the base of my anti-aging diet, which is as varied and as organic, and natural.

Obviously, in the interest of wellness and anti-aging, the less intake one has of pesticides and chemicals together with some protection from exposure to pollution the better chance the body has of delaying that aging process. In an ideal world, we could derive all that we need for anti-aging from the food that we eat (10 Foods to Eat When Pregnant First Trimester) in a balanced diet. However, much of our food today is leeched of its vitamin and mineral nutrients, both by the way it is grown and of course by processing. Taking vitamin and mineral supplements is virtually an insurance policy for women’s wellness and anti-aging.


As we get older, our production of enzymes decreases. Enzymes are the first line of the body’s defense system and are needed for all body functions as well as chemical reactions. The body cannot manufacture them without adequate supplies of vitamins and minerals and amino acids. They also feature strongly in the protection from radiation and other forms of pollutants.

Thus, it makes sense if there are digestive difficulties associated with the aging process, taking digestive enzymes with foods, instead of anti-acids. The best and cheapest way of ingesting adequate enzyme intake is to eat a variety of seeds, as I do, and add them to sandwiches and salads. This is great for wellness and anti-aging protection.


calorie restriction

It is well known nutritionally, that lecithin has the facility to keep blood cholesterol in suspension, thus preventing it from adhering to the sides of material walls and blocking blood flow, the leading source, of a heart attack.
The best way, in our quest for wellness and anti-aging, to take this vital nutrient is as granular lecithin. This can be purchased now in most supermarkets and pharmacies as well as in health food shops and I take it by sprinkling it on cereals or fruit, or I stir it into a glass of freshly juiced fruit or vegetable juice and have it that way. About one tablespoon a day is quite sufficient.

Free Radicals:

Damage due to free radicals can be seen as a visible sign of aging. The heart and blood vessels are vulnerable because the blood is packed with oxygen and free radicals. Over time free radicals in our blood supply cause a rancid fatty acid build-up in the arteries, clogging them and thus causing cardiac arrest and other heart damage.

All visible signs of aging are due to accumulated damage in our cells, skin, bone, joint, immune system, and thyroid activity, and every type of tissue cell in our bodies is attacked by free radicals. There is a range of chemicals that can defend our cells from free radicals in our wellness and anti-aging fight and these are known as antioxidants. They sweep up and destroy free radicals.

Again, it gets back to a clean diet and healthy lifestyle. Eating large amounts of fruit and vegetables and taking vitamin and mineral supplements may help us stay healthy as we age. This will help in the fight against free radicals.

However, there are many other nutritional weapons in the armory of wellness and anti-aging, as well as an entire pharmacopeia of herbal remedies. However, these should be prescribed by a qualified nature path as their effects are powerful and in rare instances, self-prescription can be dangerous.

Exercise of wellness and anti-aging:

In my anti-aging quest as a woman of health and wellness, I also know that adequate exercise is vital and necessary to well-being. One must stay supple and be able to stretch and flex, to keep the body strong and mobile. If it is affordable, a personal trainer can be ideal to set up a unique exercise program to suit your needs.

If this is not within your financial reach, maybe a membership to a local gym is. Once again, the staff can prescribe a program designed to fit your personal needs. Otherwise, you can simply walk for 30 minutes every day. If you do this, then I urge you to stretch and flex to warm up before and to cool down afterward.

Another good way of stretching is to buy yourself a gym ball. A big plastic ball about 3 feet in diameter that you can do all sorts of stretching with, from balancing on it with your tummy to using it as a “seat” when watching TV. As you sit on it, you have to stay upright, and not slouch. This is extremely good for posture. It is a great wellness and anti-aging weapon.

Mental Activity:

Another form of exercise which is vital to wellness and anti-aging, as women of health and wellness, now is to exercise the mind. Take up a new interest to study. Take courses and gain a degree in something that has always interested you, which you have never had the time before.

Do, as I am now doing, build your own website on your computer, it is heaps of fun! Whatever you decide to do, I urge you to keep as mentally active as you can. Do crossword puzzles (I can never get them out), and play bridge or chess. Learn a new craft, or take up painting.

Become a volunteer to work with youth. Go to your nearest school and offer to help the teachers hear reading, go to your nearest youth center and offer your services. There are a million and one things to do as we get older, all of which can help us keep the aging process at bay.

wellness and anti-aging Skin care:

Skincare should start in babyhood. Never take a child out in the sun without adequate protection from sunblock cream and headwear. Teach your child to wear sun-protective swimsuits at the beach. Teach them to wear a hat whenever outdoors to protect exposed arms and legs with sunblock. Never seek the “TAN” that looks so good, but can be so dangerous to health.

Teach children to look after their skin. Always cleanse properly and add moisturizer. This habit will grow into just that as we age. Skin care and protection will be second nature. For more information, go to my skin section.

Building the Blocks to Anti-aging:

Throughout history, we have dreamed about the elixir of youth wellness and anti-aging,. Just as we acquire a lifetime of knowledge and wisdom and get comfortable in our skins our body starts to break down.

Today, scientists are convinced that the key to eternal youth and to anti-aging is locked within the cells of our bodies and that given time the aging process can be reversed. The average life span has improved in recent years, with better knowledge of diet, medical care, and improved living conditions. However, as yet, we do not have access to that magical potion.

Arthritis, hair loss, wrinkly skin, cardiac disease, Alzheimer’s disease, menopause, hormone replacement, high blood pressure, high cholesterol levels, vision, etc. are conditions that can now be helped by the advancement of medical knowledge. We should take advantage of such benefits.

If we look after ourselves early in life to live and eat well, exercise moderately, drink in moderation, learn to cope with stress, and don’t smoke, we have half a chance of building the blocks to anti-aging. Live life with total enjoyment and expectation, you never know, the magical pill to stop aging, might just be around the corner!! Then your wellness and anti-aging, quest will be complete.


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Written by Dr. Ozair (CEO of SignSymptom.com) as physician writers are physicians who write creatively in fields outside their practice of medicine.

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