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Breast cancer is the most common form of cancer occurring in women and is generally characterized by lumps in one or both breasts. There is no proper cause of cancer and research has revealed that genetics or hormonal imbalance may be a possible cause. More about the sign symptom, treatments, and prevention of Cancer disease are mentioned below.
Cancer definition
Cancer disease is the abnormal growth of cells in any part of the body, the two types of cancer are benign and malignant, of this malignant cancers are life-threatening. Malignant growths in the body can be removed through surgery, however, in most cases, they are likely to grow back. In the case of breast cancer, it begins with the cells in the lymph nodes of a woman and may spread to other parts of the body as well. These include the brain, lungs, bones, and liver. However, these cancers are still called breast cancer, for instance, in case of cancer spreading to the bones it is not bone cancer but metastatic cancer, and the treatment is provided accordingly for cancer.
Cancer risk factors
There is no established cause of cancer disease; however, research has shown that certain women are more likely to have it than others. Some risk factors of breast cancer are mentioned below:

Personal History: A woman who has had breast cancer in one breast is more likely to get it on the other breast.

Age: Chances of getting breast Cancer disease increase with age, with women over the age of 60 being more at risk.

Menstrual and Reproductive History: In case a woman had her first menstrual cycle before the age of 12, she is at risk of developing breast cancer at a later stage. Other than this, women who get their menopause after the age of 55 and women who have their first child later than 35 years are at increased risk of developing cancer disease.

Family History: A woman’s risk of developing breast cancer increases if any other female member of her family had cancer. These include mother, daughter or sister or cousins, and aunts.
way to prevent cancer
The best way to prevent cancer is to get the screening done as early as 35 years of age. There are three types of screening tests done to detect cancer, these include screening mammograms, self-exam, and clinical exams. Doctors recommend a mammogram to women above the age of 40, to be performed at least once a year. A mammogram is like an x-ray of the breast and effectively shows any lumps or abnormalities in the breasts. Other than this, a biopsy may be performed to confirm the presence of cancer. Clinical and self-exam involve physical checking for the presence of lumps.

Breast cancer can be treated using different methods depending on the type of cancer. These include hormone therapy, surgery, chemotherapy, biological therapy, and radiation therapy. Breast cancer and its treatment can be a distressing experience for a woman and she would require tremendous support from both her family and doctors to cope up with the situation. Though the condition can be completely treated if detected early, changes in the body may be a cause for concern.

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